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Dec 3, 2008 03:36 PM

Toronto Life article

Just finished reading the essay in this month's Toronto Life. It's on the state of chain/foodservice/name ends with an apostrophe "restaurants" here in the city.

IMHO the author (Chatto) gives them a fair, even critique. Hey, not everyone is a Hound...

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  1. Just finished it as well. Good piece, I thought. Chatto poses an interesting question about why someone would pay $90 to go to a "chain" restaurant, when they could go to a "real" restaurant. I think the answer may be "the experience" and proximity to where they are ie. movies, shopping etc. I usually have the same thought after I get the bill at one of these places. I quickly start wondering where else I could have gone for the money. Truth is though, most of the "chain restaurant" choices I too make are due to proximity and need - not so much desire. Unfortunately, what he didn't mention which I would have loved him to explore further, is the surprise most diners would have with the fact that our top chefs of the city are often watching these chains and their menu offerings...possibly to adapt to their own menus. That would be interesting.