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Dec 3, 2008 03:35 PM

Any caviar sightings at Costco?

My boyfriend is from Chicago and his parents can find caviar at their Costco during the holiday season. I was there for Thanksgiving and got to sample some. It's delicious and I believe about $60 for a small tin (not sure of the exact quantity).

Has anyone spotted any caviar at any of the Bay Area Costcos?

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  1. It's in their online catalog,ask at the store near you.

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      That's Black River farmed caviar, looks like they're from Uruguay and are in competition with Tsar Nicolai. A quick menu search turns it up at Gary Danko, but nowhere else locally. I'm wondering if Gary Danko is serving it because they think it's the best farmed stuff, or just if they're getting a promotional deal to feature it at the top of the menu.

    2. The Danville Costco had it this past week. It was Osetra for about $60 an ounce. There wasn't a lot of it on display.

      1. San Leandro today. farmed - didn't see it labeled as osetra but quick glance it may have been. Comes with a nice mother of pearl spoon. I think this was 2 oz for around $70. Sorry my short term memory is failing...

        1. Saw some at SF before Thanksgiving. Osetra, but couldn't find a price.

          1. My kneejerk reaction is to suggest buying something like California sturgeon caviar from Sterling instead for $68 for 30 g. They are incredible sticklers in how the caviar is handled (from harvest to delivery)--I just wonder if the caviar at Costco is handled with kid gloves that way.