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Dec 3, 2008 03:32 PM

Any good greek restaurant in uptown Toronto?

It seems that there aren't much choice for greek restaurant in uptown toronto, beside the franchises Mr. Greek or Friendly Greek.

I know Danforth offer the best greek food, but I would like to avoid the drive.

Does anyone here has any recommendation for having a decent greek dinner in uptown toronto?

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  1. I enjoy Karbouzi (Avenue Rd. south of Wilson) - always cheerful staff, decent beers on tap, good portions on well-executed standards, haven't had a bad meal yet. There's more of a bar type of thing going on on the second floor, but I've never felt the need to venture up there.

    1. On a side note, if anyone has any places in Mississauga/Brampton/Etobicoke that AREN'T Mr. Greek, Colossus, Souvlaki Hut, or Astoria, I'm all ears

      1. I like Greek Gourmet at Avenue Rd/Lawrence. Great pan fried sole (like candy!) and moussaka. Staff is so nice. Nothing fancy, very basic and family style place. But always good in my opinion.

        I guess this is more mid-town but there you go...

        1. I like Mykonos on Yonge Street just North of the Canadian Tire. Friendly staff, generous portions, great lemon potatoes and a fab mezedakia platter, I adore their Tzatziki, grilled calamari, floured calamari, chicken souvlaki - but I'm not down with their Spanikopita, nor their lamb souvlaki (too chewy!)

          But, I always get the same thing there... floured calamari dinner with a side of lemon potatoes.

          At Mykonos, keep it simple, don't bother with the greek fries or anything that seems fancy. Just keep to the basics and you'll get Greek cooking the way their mama makes it.

          1. A new place opened up at Woodbine/16th called Loui's Kouzina, not bad, very friendly staff. Food was quite good. Same plaza as the No Frills/All Star Wings/etc

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              Just went to Loui's Kouzina a couple of weeks ago. Really enjoyed the food. The food was delicious with large portions. Very friendly staff. We found out that it's family-owned. Apparently they serve breakfast on the weekends. Definitely would to check it out soon. It's great to have these independently-owned restaurants in Markham/Richmond Hill area. The burbs are dominated by the franchise restaurants and refreshing to go to a family-owned one :)

              1. re: aquamist

                Agreed! went there recently. very very friendly staff. and the portions were good. food was good. new go to place in the area for greek food!

                1. re: alienxx45

                  sorry, went on Mother's day and they weren't that friendly at all. Nobody was serving the other clients cause (4 people on the floor) they were trying to figure out how to set the tables for a group of 14. We were a family of 4 standing there for about 8 mins before I went to ask them if they had a table (not once did anyone smiled or said won't be long, etc....) she said to wait cause she might not have enough space. Now having been in the resto biz for almost 20 yrs I could have easily arrange the space (six on each side and 2 at the ends = 14) and there was one table that they could've fit us but no, they were pretty amateurish. After another 10 mins I went up and asked if they would be able to sit us and she said bluntly and in an unfriendly tone, "what does it look like? what do you want me to do ?" I said, I'm not arguing with you and I think you can fit 2 people on the ends and then save a table to fit us. In a resto biz, you have to maximize space to get as many customers as you can. Geez! Anyways, I will never go back and will tell my friends not to go, I cannot stand attitude like that to customers.

                  1. re: rayzer

                    Hmm, maybe they were off that day, I've been there maybe 3 times now and every single time I've had superb service. But honestly, the food isn't spectacular, you can get waaaay better on the Danforth, but it's definitely better than Mr.Greek.