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Dec 3, 2008 03:20 PM

Chicken long to keep?

I just found a forgotten tub of chicken fat in the fridge rendered from soup making. How long is chicken fat good for when kept in the refrigerator? I *think* it is a least a month old.

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  1. Unless it was specially handled for longer storage I wouldn't consider it to be fit for human consumption for any longer than I might keep cooked chicken in the refrigerator.

    1. you're fine. It will keep a few months at least, if kept cold and not contaminated with a dirty spoon or such.

      Throw it in the freezer, it will keep forever.

      I have a "bottomless-never-ending" tubs of bacon and duck fat in the freezer.

      1. A very long long time. You're definitely safe with a month's time.

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          Hmmm. Two to one. Anyone else care to chime in? Or anyone have a recipe that is worth the artery splurge?

          1. re: amela

            If it doesn't smell rancid or rotten, it's fine. Transfer it to the freezer. A metal-lidded glass jar will keep it good the longest. You wouldn't think there's air exchange with plastic, but there is. You'll be able to use a fork to pry out as much of it was you need from the frozen - no need to thaw each time.

            I don't have any recipes that specify it, other than chopped liver. Most folks use it to fry eggs, onions, potatoes...same as bacon grease. Any recipe that contains butter or oil plus chicken broth is a spot for adding a dollop of schmaltz. Did you make turkey stock? It's pretty lean so a little schmaltz would enhance any soup you made with turkey stock, and will also improve the flavor of canned soups - effectively negating their lowfat labels! ;-)

            1. re: amela

              I don't think I've been at a loss for how to use rendered chicken fat.

              Fry up some hash browns for breakfast, and maybe do a side of Spam or bacon while you're at it. Heck, to go along with the breakfast theme, french toast would be good as well.

              But the piece de resistance (for me anyway) for chicken fat is .... chicken liver! Fry some up with shallots (or onions), diced scallions, and a good dash of salt and pepper. Yum.

            2. re: ipsedixit

              I agree ... I've got duck fat from last year that is still good.

            3. like others say, if this smells and looks good, its probably fine. for long term keeping, I would make sure there isnt any juice /broth or solids in there which can spoil. I would drain off any juice, reboil and strain it. the freezer is better than the frig for keeping fats but if it has been cleaned up as above, it will surely be good in the frig for several months.

              1. I've had a box of chicken fat, in use, in the fridge, for 3 years. However, it was as tadeo described 'specially handled for longer storage' (it was purchased rather than rendered).
                I think a home-rendered version would be fine for a scant 4 weeks or so. A sniff test will tell you everything you need to know.