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Dec 3, 2008 02:43 PM

NO Caraway Seeds? Need a substitution idea?/

No Caraway seeds in the cupboard like I thought. Can Anybody think of a spice/ herb/seed I could use in place? I think my soup will need that kind of a powerful flavor. CHders Thanks.

I'm pretty well stocked otherwise

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  1. The only thing I can think of that even comes close (and it's not all that close) would be Fennel Seed. Inasmuch is it's a soup you're working with, some Cumin might hold up to the flavor demands you describe.

    1. aniseed? tarragon maybe?

      1. Depending on the type of soup, you can use a combination of celery seed and thyme, or juniper berries.

        1. I've subbed toasted cumin seeds for caraway before.

          1. Thanks
            I substituted a combo of cumin seeds and some mustard seed. Worked out great. ( cheesy Cauliflower soup)
            Even better bonus was that I remembered I still had a partial loaf of good crusty rye bread so I toasted it up and served with the soup. Caraway in the end as it turned out.