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Dec 3, 2008 02:27 PM

Heirloom, New Haven - anyone else been?

Hi everyone-

So I decided to give this new spot on Chapel a try. It's inside a very swanky new hotel--the Study. I have to say, I was really disappointed!
I thought the food was was really overpriced for what I got. For $30, I ordered the Amish chicken with root vegetables and herb gnocchi. The chicken was ok, but I only got (count 'em) 3 measly gnocchi and the few vegetables I got were tasteless.
I usually ask for tap water in restaurants, but it wasn't offered right off the bat--bottled was. At $7 a bottle. Now, I don't eat at seriously swanky places all the time (this was, sadly, an anniversary dinner) but is this the norm? $7? For Nestle bottled water?
I did order an oyster appetizer that was terrific, but that's about it. The waitress told us she thought oysters were "the most delicious of all the sea creatures." Not exactly what you want to hear after eating them.....sea creatures....Needless to say, that's a running joke in my house now.
The waitress was.....strange. Fake pretentious is the only way I can describe her. At one odd moment in the dinner, she chose to tell my dining companion and me that the chairs in the restaurant cost more than her about uncomfortable! She did know exactly where the oysters were from--I'll give her that.

I had heard good things about this new place, but I really didn't enjoy myself. Am I alone here?

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  1. We have considered it, because it looks nice inside, but we have haunting memories of several meals at "Ol' Blue" (its name in a previous life). Makes me wonder if they are just putting expensive lipstick on the pig....(?)

    1. The place is brand new and working out some kinks, but I had a great lunch there recently. Beautiful, bacony tomato soup and I enjoyed that chicken dish. Dessert was outstanding. And the amazing decor is worth a bit more on the check--you've got to check this place out. So far beyond the previous place you can't even image. Way beyond anything else in NH. My waiter was good and the staff seemed to make a real effort. Give it another try, JRW. Next time I have NYers visiting, I'm taking them there.

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        I haven't eaten there, but I have to agree on the decor. The design community was buzzing about the new hotel for much of the late summer and early fall. It's one of the few interior spaces in the city that is not ugly, not plain, and not outdated. Hopefully they get their acts together on the food so it can join the many places to eat that are not gross, not bland, and not outdated.

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          It's pretty amazing in the quality of materials and the way it brings in the surrounding buildings. Wow.

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          Hmmm...I don't know--perhaps I just caught them on a bad night! It was only the 3rd week they were open....Looking back, I think I was more upset over the service than anything else. The food was good, but I still think it was overpriced (at least for me)

        3. I have been there on several occasions. Food was excellent, drinks were excellent!
          Sat at the bar with Rob the bartender this last visit. He was great! His recommendations for appetizer (Shrimp ravioli special), dinner (Monk fish) and dessert (Apple pear crisp) were fantastic. He was very attentive and professional (as were all the staff). His cocktails (Maker Manhattan and Espresso Martini) were delicious!
          IMHO fine dining is about taste and presentation. Not huge portions. You should leave full, but wanting more. And let me tell you I will go back and visit Rob for his cocktails and a nice relaxing dinner at the bar.
          The prices may be a little expensive for some, but for the experience I had it was well worth every penny!
          There really isn't anything else like this in NH.

          1. We are going to check it out.
            More info:
            Located in The Study at Yale Hotel, serves modern American classics Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner every day. Food called "Contemporary American".
            Banquet/Private Rooms, Bar Dining, Bar/Lounge, Beer, Full Bar, Non-Smoking Restaurant, Personal wines welcome (corkage fee applies), Private Room, Weekend Brunch, Wheelchair Access, Wine.
            Breakfast: Daily: 7:00am - 10:00am
            Lunch: Monday - Saturday: 11:30am - 2:30pm
            Dinner: Monday - Thursday: 5:30pm - 10:00pm, Friday - Saturday: 5:30pm - 11:00pm, Sunday: 5:30pm - 9:00pm
            Brunch: Sunday: 11:30am - 3:00pm
   (doesn't have any real info yet
            Phone: (203) 503-3919

            I'm fascinated by the prospects of breakfast and lunch...

            1. I have also been there, not for dinner yet but to sit at the bar with my husband. I believe Rob was our bartender too. He suggested the dates wrapped in bacon. MMMM Yummy and at $4.00 dollars the price was right. The drinks he made were great. I had a wonderful Cosmo and my husband had a beer that he had never had before that the bartender highly recommended.
              The wines by the glass are really nice and I will go back to sample them.
              If the food is anything like the one appetizer we tried, we will be ecstatic!
              The website does need work, but you can go to to make reservations for the restaurant which I think is cool.
              We will be back again.

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              1. re: nhfoodgirl

                I think the place is a work of art and to have a built in clientele from the hotel feeding the restaurant is a bonus. This place should do very well. It does take a few months to get the kinks out, so I expect that Heirloom will only get better. They spent a fortune building this place and it should be great. Hamhock mac & Cheese was terrific. I hop ethis place makes it.

                1. re: ElizabethHenton

                  Amen, EH. Everyone should try this place and get out and support our NH restaurants right now. I hate to sound like the chamber of commerce, but now is not the time to stay home and make a box of mac and cheese--unless you have to, of course. We serious eaters with jobs have to get out there and keep our ambitious restaurants alive.