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Dec 3, 2008 02:04 PM

Best Pad Thai Noodles?

I miss Chao Praya Thai in Hollywood on Yucca and the valley location closed too.
They had the BEST THAI BBQ Chicken and Pad Thai Noodles EVER!
Do you have a favorie place for Thai BBQ Chicken and Pad Thai noodles?


I now settle for The Original Thai BBQ in Culver city and also on 3rd & Ardmore.
Chan Dara- Hollywood, and Natalee's in Culver City.


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  1. Chan Dara's always been the benchmark for me.

    1. For me, Renu Nakorn in Norwalk never disappoints for Pad Thai. Never overly fish-saucy or soggy. Their chicken is at least on par with Original Thai BBQ's chicken.

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      1. re: pharmnerd

        Just to be clear...Are you suggesting Chan Dara on Larchmont and in West LA or Chan Darae On Cahuenga?

          1. re: Steve2 in LA

            So that is Chan Darae not Chan Dara. That's why I asked. Thanks.

      2. Krua Thai, the house version!

        Krua Thai Restaurant
        13130 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, CA 91605

        1. I second Renu Nakorn and Krua Thai.

          1. Consider trying the Pad Thai at Red Corner Asia on Hollywood in the same plaza as Ruen Pair. I almost never order Pad Thai, but RCA does a very tastey version. Anyone I've mentioned this to has agreed.