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Best Pad Thai Noodles?

I miss Chao Praya Thai in Hollywood on Yucca and the valley location closed too.
They had the BEST THAI BBQ Chicken and Pad Thai Noodles EVER!
Do you have a favorie place for Thai BBQ Chicken and Pad Thai noodles?


I now settle for The Original Thai BBQ in Culver city and also on 3rd & Ardmore.
Chan Dara- Hollywood, and Natalee's in Culver City.


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  1. Chan Dara's always been the benchmark for me.

    1. For me, Renu Nakorn in Norwalk never disappoints for Pad Thai. Never overly fish-saucy or soggy. Their chicken is at least on par with Original Thai BBQ's chicken.

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        Just to be clear...Are you suggesting Chan Dara on Larchmont and in West LA or Chan Darae On Cahuenga?

          1. re: Steve2 in LA

            So that is Chan Darae not Chan Dara. That's why I asked. Thanks.

      2. Krua Thai, the house version!

        Krua Thai Restaurant
        13130 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, CA 91605

        1. I second Renu Nakorn and Krua Thai.

          1. Consider trying the Pad Thai at Red Corner Asia on Hollywood in the same plaza as Ruen Pair. I almost never order Pad Thai, but RCA does a very tastey version. Anyone I've mentioned this to has agreed.


            1. Sawtelle and Olimpic, everybody goes there for noodles Thai BBQ etc. great desserts too. my favorites are Manpuku and the Nakamura

              1. Red Corner Asia is the best ive tasted so far in los angeles ive tasted alot and that is the best so far.