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Restaurant needed for Semi-foodie birthday

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Hi guys,

So my friend is turning 26 next week. He wants about 10 of us to go out to dinner. He says he is in interested in "trying new food," but not really. I am a super-foodie, and it is impossible to get these people to go anywhere other than the Alcove and Fred 62s.

We all live in Los Feliz so anything Eastside would be great. Low to mid price point. BYOB would be awesome, but not required at all.

Gingergrass in Silverlake is like the nicest restaurant most people in the group have been to. And everyone loves it. So that kind of feel. And pretty much any ethnicity would fly.

Some suggestions that the group has thrown out: Bossa Nova, Animal, Aroma, Edison. But please, add other suggestions.

For me, the perfect thing would be the tatami room at Musha, but it is in Santa Monica. Anything like that on the Eastside? Or maybe in Little Tokyo?

Or maybe a similar experience but a different ethnicity?

Thanks! I need your help!

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  1. I think you guys would have a good time at Honda-Ya in Little Tokyo. They have tatami tables and could probably reserve a portion of the room for you.
    Animal would probably get a little pricey, although the food is not so unusual that it would scare anybody.

    1. Can anyone comment on the Bossa Nova outpost on Sunset (at Formosa) as a possible spot?