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Dec 3, 2008 01:00 PM

Best/Favorite Wine Blogs?

Hello Wine Board - I'm somewhat new here as I usually play on the food side of things. Are there any great wine blogs out there that you read regularly? I'd be interested in names and why you like them!


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  1. Asimov's wine blog in the nytimes is all I have time to read. Not really a wine blog, but I make sure I read Terry Theise's German and Champagne catalogs.

    And definitely not a blog, but the best internet resource on wine: right here. You will learn more about wine and food pairings from this board than any other place, classrooms included.

    1. Asimov's is a good read for sure.

      Jaime Goode's Wine Anorak is a must for wine science geekiness

      Thor Iverson's oenoLogic presents insightful and well-written wine-based travelogues and full frontal assault wine notes.

      Bert Celce does a great job on lesser known producers and posts awesome photos

      Lyle Fass (from Chambers St Wine) tackles some good geeky wines

      The Vulgar Little Monkey Translucency Report is straightforward and insightful, particularly focusing on obscure Loire labels but lots of other gems as well. No holds barred, for sure.

      1. Thank you for these terrific resources. I do read Asminov and the WSJ's Tastings on a weekly basis and have found the suggestions to usually be spot on for both. Do either of you follow any of the K&L wine blogs? I've read through a few cataloges and but haven't spent much time on the K&L site.

        1. Ohh, ohh, I really like Jason's Wine Blog:
          Since he does a lot of Trader Joe's wine reviews, it's been a useful resource for choosing wine for Crew Tastings at work as well as personal ones. Thanks Jason!

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            my pleasure... Thanks for all of your contributions!