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Dec 3, 2008 12:47 PM

Quiet, delicious & cheap

Looking for a nice and quiet place for dinner on a Tuesday night. Any kind of food is fine as long as it is tasty and in the $15-$25 per entree range. Would consider something pricier for a quiet and romantic setting. Fireplace a bonus.

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  1. No fireplace, but I find that Elephant Walk in North Cambridge is quiet, cozy, and romantic (especially downstairs), and everything on the menu is under $20 these days (I believe they lowered some of their prices recently).

    1. Marco in the North End has a fireplace. Entrees are in the $20-30 range.

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        Entrees are in the $20-30 range at Marco, but the way to do it there in my book is to split an app, a salad, a pasta, and an entree between two people. Doing that with a carafe of house wine usually runs about $100 total with tip. More than enough food for two and I am a big eater.

      2. I think the West Side Lounge is pretty cozy and quiet, not sure I'd go so far as delicious but decent. The dining room of Green St. would be quiet as would La Morra in Brookline Village. 75 Chestnut on Beacon Hill? As far as a fireplace goes, the Red House in Harvard Sq. has one, varying opinions on that place.

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          1. why has no one suggested The Fireplace? I've never been, but it's on my list...
            Just went back to Laurel on Berkeley between back bay and south end and had a good meal. nice room and great service. well within your price range
            is Garden at the Cellar too expensive? no prices on the online menu - I hate that
            I prefer Temple Bar to West Side, but it is noisier.

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              The Fireplace entrees are surprisingly pricey.

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                The Fireplace would definitely meet all the other criteria but most entrees there are above $25. Were you to go there, I'd definitely make a request in advance to ensure that you're seated in the small part of the restaurant near the fireplace. Most of the square footage, as I recall, is located up a half-flight of stairs and away from the eponymous fireplace.

                The Red House in Harvard Square has a fireplace and the prices there are more in line with the original request. As I recall, the area around The Red House's fireplace is even smaller, more private, and more romantic than at The Fireplace. The main dining room at The Red House is nothing special but the area with the fireplace is mega-quaint. Again, I'd book well in advance to ensure a table near the fireplace, as there are only a handful of tables there.

                Food at both eateries has been good, in my experience.


                The Fireplace Restaurant
                1634 Beacon St., Brookline, MA 02446

                The Red House Restaurant
                98 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, MA 02138