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Dec 3, 2008 12:08 PM

Treasure Island

All - thanks always for the great help...

Going to Treasure Island for three nights.

We are looking for kids friendly, reasonably priced, takes reservations. We like Floridian/Caribbean type places - hopefully on or near the water.

Restaurant/Bar type places are ok.

Treasure Island only - we want to be able to walk. Perhaps stretch so Johns Pass is ok.

I hear Middle Ground is good...

Sorry to be so specific - but I know you can help!

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  1. Hi serialportme, welcome to my neck of the woods! I can help a little as I live on Treasure Island.
    Starting at the north end, cross the bridge at John's Pass for fun browsing and lots of places to dine. My favorite is The Hut, located at the east end of the boardwalk, underneath. Some like Scully's and Friendly Fisherman, but pass them for the Hut - live music and good food. They also have a dock you can sit outside on, weather permitting.

    Middle Grounds and the Pearl are both really good. But not really bring-the-kids places. We like to sit in the bar at MG and order appetizers and people-watch. The Pearl has a great tapas menu, I've found their "regular" menu to be a bit skimpy on the portions, so we stick to tapas there, which is delicious, especially with a pitcher of their sangria.

    Pizza, I like Original (takeout only except for one outside table) and their philly cheesesteaks are very good (the rolls are great).

    Ricky T's and Sloppy Joe's are typical beach bars, with Sloppy getting a slight nod for the food (bring the kids, dine at the beach's edge, and order the blue cheese chips)..

    Publix for subs and groceries.

    Caddy's on the Beach, down at the south end on Sunset Beach, is a must-go. Probably a bit of a walk depending on where you're staying, but worth it (bring the strollers and walk the boardwalk that rounds the south end of TI first!) Decent food, live music, great sunsets, and your toes are literally in the sand.

    Across from Caddy's is Katiki, a laid back local yokel bar - no food and no kids, but $2.50 beers and a great jam session almost every night.

    Have a great trip!

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      Thanks for the in-depth reviews. The hut looks good. MG has a kids menu so we thought...

      Sloppys also looks good. We are looking more towards the inexpensive bar-y restaurant, drink, outside type of place.

      You think we need reservations at any of these places (if they take), or is it pretty slow after Xmas before New Years?

      We are staying at Sunset Vistas 12000 Gulf Blvd - any of these places walkable.

      HAPPY to find an expert! THANKS.

      1. re: serialportme

        All these places are walkable, from five minutes to thirty minutes. You are in between the center and the north end of TI. Caddy's is the farthest for you, at 9000. By the way, Sunset Vistas looks like a top notch place!
        You will be fine at MG with the children.
        I don't think reservations will be necessary unless you want 7 pm on a Sat night at the Pearl or the Middle Grounds. Previously, that is a fairly busy time tourist-wise, but who knows this year, with the economy as it is? I don't think it will be packed!

        Have a great vacation!