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Dec 3, 2008 11:36 AM

Special buddha seafood soup

anyone know where in edmonton i can find this soup? it's called something like "buddha jumped over a wall", "buddha fell out of the bodh tree", or "buddha regrets not having this soup before attaining nirvana" or something. apparently it has scallops, abalone, pork, chicken, ...

i would like to sample this dish that has gotten buddha so worked up over.

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  1. Try calling some of the banquet places like Golden Rice Bowl, Mirama, Jumbo or Regency Palace and asking. I've had some less complicated soups around town but I don't think I've had quite the mixture that you're describing. You may have to go to Vancouver for that.

    1. If you translate directly "budda jumped over the wall" it should be a chinese medicinal type of soup that includes many expensive meat and seafood products including the "prairie oyster" I think that's the term for it. As well, as other herbal products. If that's the soup you're referring to, it's very strong as in it could effect your health. Not many people can tolerate the potency of it depending on the heatness (hot or cold) of your body's health. I know in Vancouver some restaurants will offer it if you order in advance, takes a couple of days to make, I think. Some will also offer similar types so it's basically a everything but the sink soup which will definitely be less expensive. I do strongly suggest you talk to a chinese herbalist about it first before you try it.

      Years ago there was a huge rage about it in Vancouver especially with the men but I haven't heard anything about it lately. At the time, I remember friends paying up to $1000 for it.