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Dec 3, 2008 11:31 AM

Pastrami Help!

We go to NY for the weekend around Christmas every year and bring back pastrami, pickles, etc for the rest of the extended family. Everyone is looking forward to Pastrami-fest 08, but now I'm reading that Katz's is going down hill. Is this true?

If so, where should we get the pastrami? I'm almost afraid to ask about the knishes again...but any suggestions?

Thank you!

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  1. Katz's downhill? Not a chance! Sure, there are occasional posts by a few who complain. But that happens with just about every restaurant discussed on this board.

    Another place to consider for your Pastrami-fest is Sarge's. Different style from Katz's but excellent.

    With regard to knishes, Yonah Schimmel's can be hit or miss. When we were at the (new) 2nd Avenue Deli a few months ago, the pastrami was wretched, but we had a superb round potato knish.

    1. Just like any place, Katz's has its doubters. It is not going downhill and the last 2 pastrami sandwiches i've gotten there, both with the last 2 months have been outstanding.

      I personally wouldn't call Sarge's a substitute. It'll scratch your itch for pastrami if you can't make it down to Katz's but will never, in my opinion, replace it. I need that moist, fatty, handsliced Katz's sandwich to sate my cravings.

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        Thank you! Last year the pastrami was amazing at Katz's. They vacum packed it and we steamed it for a few minutes. You can't imagine how happy everyone was to have a "real" pastrami sandwich. I think we bought 10 lbs of pastrami and 10 lbs of corned beef. As you might imagine we have even more of the extended family coming this year.

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          As I said, the styles are different. While the pastrami at Sarge's isn't hand-sliced and is sliced thinner than at Katz's, I have always found it to be fatty and juicy.

        2. Katz's is on top if it's game for meats. Recent posters have bemoaned the sides, which were never particularly good.

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            I know this becomes a heated topic....but if I'm in the LES....is Yonah Schimmel's the best bet for knishes?

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              Katz's in no way, shape or form has gone down hill...its the same as its always been.
              I have found hower that I never think the Pastrami is as good when you buy it by the lb. cold...not sure why..but if you have already bought it and enjoyed it that way...no reason you wouldnt enjoy it again!..........Yonah's knishes now, well I dont know...for me anyway...they really arent very good...especially if you get one thats been sitting around for awhile

              1. re: jvish

                Last year they vacum packed it and told us to drop it in boiling water for a few minutes. We did this about 4 hours after buying it and it was terrific. So, if not Yonah's then where do we get knishes in the LES?