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Dec 3, 2008 11:13 AM

Cheap and Cheerful Mexican food

I'm throwing an out-door pre-wedding party next May for family and friends coming into town from the East coast. Since I'm told they don't have good Mexican food out there I want to show them what great guacamole and tacos are all about. For those of you who are familiar with La Superica in S.B. (Absolutley the best!) it would be a dream if they catered, but alas they don't...and certainly not all the way down here in the San Fernando Valley. I have a pretty good sized bbq that can be put to good use. Any ideas greatly appreciated!

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  1. I think it is a great idea to do casual, fresh Mexican for an out-of-town primarily East coast crowd. You have pleanty of time to plan. Here's what I would do:

    First, search this board for taco truck and/or catering. There have been threads in the past on exactly this situation.

    Second, look up The Great Taco Hunt blog by Bandini on blogspot. He reviewed dozens of taquerias and trucks, and sorted them into geographic areas. Note that he hasn't posted in a year or more, so some of his impressions are fairly old. But you certainly have time to do a fun and delicious preview checking out his highly-rated places, making your own impressions, and talking to owners and managers about your party.

    Be sure to visit the Carnitas Michaocan on the N/W corner of North Broadway at 19th, above Chinatown and below Lincoln Heights. Try their hot sauce/salsa roja -- brickred, thin, complex, spicy, hot, smoky -- by far the best in SoCal. Make arrangements to purchase a quart or a gallon for your party. You can dip Doritos or Tostitos into that sauce and have a spectacular party.

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      You are fantastic! Thank you so very much for all the great leads and tips. I'll certainly check out past threads on this site. I just found the Bandini blog. What a treasure trove. Can't wait to get started doing my own tasting research. Yum! Will try to get to Carnitas Michaocan this weekend.
      Thank you so very much!

    2. Don Huarache in North Hollywood, best Mexican in the SFV, does catering.I would go with sopes, and quesadillas(D.F. style), or their barbacoa de borrego which would be great with tortillas and the salsa.Matter of fact, that's the ticket, a barbacoa party.

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        I recently heard about Don Huarache. Love that it's close to where I live. Glad to get another good report on them. I'm really looking forward to trying it out. Forgive me for not knowing but what does "D.F. style" mean?

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          D.F.=Districto Federal.Mexico City! Sopes, quesadillas, and huaraches made from masa topped with traditional fillings(carne asada,chicharron prensado,tinga de pollo, tniga de res, hongos, etc.).They also have pambazos,cemitas, and tortas made by a chef from Mexico City who takes pride in his work.Best huaraches in town, authentic street food from the capital of Mexican street food.

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            And I third it. Great place, cheap eats, totally authentic ... a real hit!

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              Sounds GREAT! I can't wait. Isn't it Saturday yet???
              Thanks to all!

        2. Two places to check out: MELODY'S on Reseda (or its sister restaurant, Las Fuentes, on Vanowen). Or call LOS TRES HERMANOS on Sepulveda in North Hills (they also have another one in Van Nuys).

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            I remember both of those places and liked them a lot. Will revisit them soon!

          2. You know, I've been to a few parties where they had taco caterers come and prepare the food right at your home. One that I remember was called "The Taco Guys", there is another called "Diana's Taco Catering", but I'm sure there are more around. They'll come out, set up the catering trays with whatever kind of meat you prefer, usually a combination of chicken, pork and beef, although I have been to some parties where they have fish tacos too. They'll provide all the accompaniments, of crouse, like salsas, onion, cilantro, rice and beans. Every one I've tried has been really great, and having the caterers there even makes it more festive. Good luck and hope you have a great party.

            1. Don Huarache is a really good call. I've also been to a few events catered by La Maria, good Colombian food, great marinated steak. Ask and they'll know what I'm talking about. The restaurant is on Victory Blvd b/t Cahuenga and N. Hollywood Way - (818) 755-8811.