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Dec 3, 2008 11:13 AM

Crumbs in Stamford

Well, I went yesterday and I felt like it was such a very sterile feeling first of all, second the food looked like a robot made them so uniform and just not that appealing looking but I got three different one, carrot, devil dog and coconut. Not that good at all, a bit on the dry side, frosting was not homemade tasting and the price is crazy. i would say I won't be back and we need an excellent bakery in Stamford. It was Very Clean though, thumbs up on that notion only!

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  1. I had the same experience, an "almond" croissant was so dry and devoid of flavor as to merit "day old" status.

    I heard on a local blog (Stamford Talk?) that the cupcakes are factory made in Queens or some such place and shipped to the various Crumbs locations. A plausible rumor.

    At any rate, I was not impressed at all, and found the food, in fact, somewhat "crummy".

    When I was growing up here Stamford had a bunch of good local bakeries that my grandmother used to delight in. Three Crowns is the only one that springs to mind, on Bedford, as I recall, right near Gristedes, where the sorry Sabatien's now wastes space.

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      I guess you have to make all the things you love yourself because then you can only blame yourself. But I love a great bakery with decadent foods you only eat once in awhile and it is worth it and i hate when you waste the calories on yucky stuff . So are there any great bakeries maybe in Darien or Norwalk?

        1. re: UWStoSONO

          Thanks, what do you like at SONO?

          1. re: nbermas

            The cheesecake is the best in the area, the chocolate cake is great but you MUST bring to room temperature or it is too dense. All the breads are brilliant.

            1. re: jfood

              jfood, where is the best challah bread of brioche rolls? What about sticky buns? Thank you

              1. re: nbermas

                jfood has yet to find either for the jfood seaql of approval in ffd county. not saying it does not exist, just jfood has not found them.

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          I know I am in the minority - I liked my one cupcake from Crumbs. I thought the yellow cake with chocolate buttercream was outstanding.

          1. re: wookiedoodle

            i have had several cupcakes from Crumb and thought they were all very good. The blueberry crumb and devil dog are amazing!

            1. re: bbqlover

              I did not like the devil dog at all, the frosting was so fake and it tasted yuke. I wasn't expecting it to be that great though because too many stores ruin the uniqueness and the true love of one thing made well at a time. Mass quanity just doesn't work. How can a bakery be so cold if they are baking all day it was frozen like an ice storm. Sorry but disagree.

        2. I went last night at 7 pm and picked up four of the plain cupcakes- 2 straberry frosting, lemon frosting, chocolate with white frosting....for $10 which is pricey..however, i thought they were delicious....the cake was soft and moist and the frsoting tasted home made- but better.
          ill definitely be back there

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            I agree with nbermas, the cupcakes here were dry. The mojito cupcake was an interesting concept however it tasted old refrigerator like. We also tried the black and white and another cupcake that had pudding in the middle. The chocolate pudding cupcake was nice and moist, but for some reason I dont think they make their cupcakes there and if I pay more than $3 for a cupcake (I usually buy at least a dozen) I want them to be fresh!

          2. Jfoods tried the Devil Dog cupcake last night. Mrs jfood liked it better than jfood who found it very moist, but would have liked the chocolate flavor a little deeper and the cream filling a little sweeter.

            But they are getting better.

            1. Hi there,

              I like Crumbs. A little expensive, but I enjoy their product as do my children.

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              1. re: CTburgerlover

                Nothing special except the extra NYC style pricey-ness from my experience. We need a Cupcake Cafe up here.

              2. The original comment has been removed