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Dec 3, 2008 11:09 AM

Louis of Boston - New Restaurant??

Has anyone been lately? I heard Marc from Pigalle took it over.

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  1. On Nov. 24, according to the website:

    Marc will be reopening the restaurant at Louis. I'm not sure that in the current economy, hooking up with a high end clothier makes great sense. In addition, I think that Louis' lease only goes to 2010, then they're leaving the building. Why go to all of the trouble to start a restaurant, only to vacate the space a year or two down the line?

    1. This is very disappointing, if true! Pigalle was one of my favorite restaurants in Boston until recently. I think Mr. Orfaly has spread himself too thin between Marco and Nantucket, now with Louis there is no way he can or has kept his high standards at all of these restaurants.