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Dec 3, 2008 11:03 AM

Your online specialty food and gift resources?

Now that the holiday season is here, I'm wondering what hidden gems everyone uses. I've used It is an ice cream company based in Cincinnati. My husband went to medical school there and always talked about how amazing the ice cream was at Graeters. So, last year I ordered some for Thanksgiving and it WAS fabulous.

Do you have any great resources to share?

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  1. Slip-pit apricots from These are very moist apricots with a hint of amaretto flavor (because of the drying process, the pit imparts the almond flavor - both almonds and apricots are in the Prunus family). Their dried Bartlett pears are large and moist - the finest dried fruit I've ever had.

    1. There's an amazing variety of cheeses, plus much other stuff, here:.

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        I love sending Lobster Grams( I actually like receiving them better! It's a great gift. You can send one of their meal packages or just pick a gift card, which will include the cost of shipping it to your guest and let them choose what they like. I have been ordering for years and the food is fantastic. Even the steaks and desserts are great.