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Dec 3, 2008 10:59 AM

Center City Sushi: Genji or Shiroi Hana??

Searching for sushi near 15th and Locust and was thinking of trying one of these two.

I'm looking for an attractive atmosphere. Doesn't need to be too showy but at least 'date worthy'. Not inexpensive but won't break the bank..and good sushi.

I like Raw but would like to try somewhere new. Any comparisons between these two?

(Curious: What's Zento like inside? I hear the sushi is quality.)

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  1. my vote would be for shiroi. i think sushi and ambiance is better.

    zento is adorable-very small but also really excellent sushi. though it's not in the 15th & Locust 'hood

    1. Misso is another sushi place that is pretty close to 15th and Locust, it's around 13th and Spruce. I've never been to Genji or Shiroi Hana so I can't compare them. Misso is good, but not in the same league as Zento or Uzu in my opinion. Zento isn't much to look at inside, it's not a dive or anything but there isn't much in the way of atmosphere. The sushi is great, though.

      There's another new sushi place called Izumi, at the fountain at Passyunk and Tasker. It's not near 15th and Locust by any means but if you don't mind hopping on the Broad Street subway it's just 3 blocks from the Tasker-Morris stop. The atmosphere there is very nice, definitely appropriate for a date.

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        Uzu's atmosphere is good for a date--low lighting, very cozy and intimate; and the sushi is the best I've had lately, even slightly better than Zento (both BYOB). But it's about 17 blocks away from 15th and Locust.

      2. Both are good, but I think Shiroi Hana has better food and ambiance. Genji's interior looks a little dated imo. Shiroi Hana also has sushi sharing platters of different sizes, which I find cuts the cost a bit.

        I've been to Misso and I like it, but they don't have white tuna which is one of my faves.

        1. never been to genji, but shiroi hana was good. shinju sushi far surpasses it though. i think it was on 9th and locust, but i could be a little off. it's kind of tiny, but in a non-crowded/intimate way. their sashimi is ok, but their special rolls are amazing. and there are photo illustrations of them on the menu, so you really will want to get everything. i was really sad when i found out they only deliver within a 5 block radius (i live on 39th).

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            I've never been to Shiroi Hana, but have heard very good things about it. Genji, back in the day was the bomb, but I was there about a month ago and was not impressed (and the table top was sticky...echk)...There was a Genji in University City, not sure if that's still around. I like Uzu, portions were a bit small, but the quality is excellent. Koi, in NoLibs is a neat little place, good portion size, good quality. But it is a bit far from 15th and Locust.