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Dec 3, 2008 10:36 AM


After reading "Charcuterie," my husband has been very into making his own bacon and wants to progress to making his own sausage. Are any of you aware of any cooking classes in the Los Angeles area that are specific to making your own sausage? I am also interested in your review of the class. Many thanks in advance.

p.s. Homemade bacon is phenomenal.

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    1. try cracking open Michael Ruhlman's excellent book, "Charcuterie" and see if your husband can learn from that.

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        That's actually the book he's been reading. Making your own sausage carries some dangers with it if you don't do it properly so we thought a class would be helpful in addition to the book.

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          Without going downstairs to look up the particulars, two titles: American Charcuterie, and Pat├ęs and Other Marvelous Meatloaves, plus Jane Grigson's excellent (though Brit-centric) book on the subject. A search on Amazon should yield the missing information. All of these have been very useful to me in my rather more limited explorations; I haven't tried smoking anything, but I've made some really good terrines and a couple of batches of perfectly adequate bratwurst. Mostly just enjoy rolling my own breakfast sausage.

      2. this might not be up to the standards you're looking for, but you could youtube the Good Eats sausage episode in it's entirety. i'm pretty sure it deals with the dangers involved in the process...

        1. Oops, sorry I obviously missed that. You can try New School of Cooking or the Epicurean School of cooking and see if they have charcuterie/salumi classes.

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