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Dec 3, 2008 10:18 AM

Rochester restaurants - Christmas Gifts?

Hi all,

My sister and I want to get our parents gift certificates to local restaurants for Christmas this year. We both live out of the area now and are looking for opinions on some of the places we are thinking about. My Mom is pretty adventurous where as my Dad is a little more finicky. He is a big seafood fan but often has issues with too many flavors or sauces obscuring the inherent taste of the food.

Growing up we always went out for dinner Friday night to places like the Sherwood Manor, Scotch and Sirloin, Mendon House and now they like Delmonicos. Not exactly ground breaking restaurants but not Applebees either. Special occasions were Richardson's Canal House or Edwards and now Rooney's.

They have been to 2vine but consider it really loud. They have enjoyed Tastings but I believe my dad's comments were "They really did just give you a taste!" They recently had a very good meal at the Culinary Center in Canandaigua.

We are debating between:
Max of Eastman Place
Triphammer Grill

Any thoughts anyone has would be appreciated! Both on the above restaurants and

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  1. Hi,

    My family is in Rochester too, although I am out of town, and some of what you are looking for sounds familiar!

    I have been to Tournedous for a special meal and we all were very pleased with the food and the experience. I remember that the scallops were a big hit, but I don't remember the specific dishes we ordered.

    I checked with the family Chowhound in Rochester and he recommended either Max or Tournedoes. He also suggested looking into Black and Blue for seafood; he said it is busy and loud but not as loud as 2vine. He has heard good things about Lento and suggested checking the menu online to see if it is the type of food that would be appealing to your parents.

    Best of luck!


    1. Torneudos is very good. Max Chophouse is excellent (owner is Tony Gullace and probably the greatest restaurateur in Rochester). I adore Rooney's - I think it's the finest restaurant in town. Park Ave Pub is our choice for slightly more laid back, but quiet, intimate dinner.