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Dec 3, 2008 09:55 AM

SEA--Fresh Banana Leaves?

Need 'um before Saturday for Aubuela's tamales. Can someone tell me where can I find them?

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  1. Uwajimaya usually only has frozen ones. You might try Mekong on rainier, as they specialize in things from parts of the world that use a lot of banana leaves.

    1. saw them at ranch 99 in kent - in a plastic bag in the fresh produce section

      1. Is there a reason frozen ones won't work?

        1. Thank you, all! We found them at Ranch 99. We tried frozen leaves last year. The cooks in the family (Aubuela, Tia Lucia, and Prima Mari) were quite disappointed. So--fresh it is!

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            Is there any prep needed to work with fresh banana leaves? I'm making tamales soon and think I'll try some in banana. See that I can get them at Ranch 99. Then what? Proceed as I usually would with corn husks?

            1. re: zoogrrrl

              You need to give them a rinse and steam them to make them pliable. After steaming remove the toughest part of the stem so they bend around the food better without cracking which will mean leakage. In different parts of the world they don't steam the leaves, but they have access to leaves that are less mature and more tender.