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Dec 3, 2008 09:50 AM

For lunch: Mia Dona or Grayz?


I'm going to be heading to Manhattan next weekend and have mostly finalized my itinerary for the meals. Just figuring out the final meal which happens to be lunch on a Monday...Should I go with Mia Dona or Grayz? I like the menu options at Mia Dona a lot but Grayz is equally intriguing but in a more refined way. I'll be taking a friend with me and she is not a foodie, so I don't want her to feel lost with an unfamiliar menu or feel gyped if the portions are too tiny. So based on your experiences, which would you recommend?

BTW, this is my itinerary:

Lunch: Bouley
Dinner: Blue Ribbon Brasserie

Lunch: Essex House (Per my friend's request, not mines)
Dinner: Perilla

Lunch: Mia Dona or Grayz
Dinner: Ippudo

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  1. Kupia,

    Mia Dona. Have you been to Anthos? You should know what to expect, at least. Could be great, so easily(but isn't), but not crazily priced and many things are really good.
    Grayz overpriced and small portions though should be good if you go.
    Should beat Essex House, anyhow.

    And bring back some leftovers to the MIA. So sad on the food front and it is colder than usual. Nonetheless, time for the town to showcase some "art".


    1. According to, Grayz is closing by the end of the month. So... I'm not sure I'd go there.

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      1. re: egit

        For real huh? I didn't know that. Thanks for the heads up. I guess I have my answer now. Mia Dona it is.

        I always bring food back to Miami. Why do you think I fly to NYC just to eat? Ok, so you didn't know that until now. But yes, I do. I agree, Miami has a terrible food scene. I wish I could live in NYC.

        1. re: santorinii

          Glad to see someone is not a homer and can admit the shortcomings of the town they are associated with.
          I am on bread quest this weekend in MIA this weekend if my associate complies.
          Something even decent would be a revelation.

          I can't even buy good ingredients to whip up my own in these parts. On top of it, they still charge as if this subpar grocery output was worth something.

          If there were PM on this site, I would say we could conspire to better the situation if you cared to. Or maybe you can communicate with other users, somehow.
          Probably on the home cheffing front because the restaurants are hopeless.

          At least it is warming up.
          Have fun with the tourists in NYC and hopefully you get some food with a bit of care at Mia Dona, not some of their haphazard jobs.