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Greek restaurant in Calgary

nein Dec 3, 2008 09:49 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a great greek restaurant in Calgary. I've been to the Broken plate before in Kensington and I quite enjoyed the overall experience. However I am looking for something a bit more low-key.

Would anyone be able to supply me with some recommendations?


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  1. l
    Larry33 RE: nein Dec 3, 2008 10:30 AM

    I have enjoyed Spiro's at the corner of 17th Ave and 33rd St. SW. A great hole in the wall, but comfy feel. I am a huge fan of Greek food, but haven't really done too much exploring in Calgary. Anyone have any praise for Santorini?

    1. sarah galvin RE: nein Dec 3, 2008 11:35 AM

      I haven't been to Santorini's in years but it used to be my favourite. It feels a little more traditional than Broken Plate.

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      1. re: sarah galvin
        miss.foodie RE: sarah galvin Apr 4, 2009 10:55 AM

        Just went to Santorini's for dinner early this week. It was OK. I ordered the kleftiko (roast lamb) and the meat was very good. It was fall-off-the-bone tender and very flavourful. The sides that came with it were disappointing however. The rice pilaf was mushy and so were the string beans. The beans also have a strange tangy sauce that I didn't care for. The lemon potatoes wedges were good but nothing to write home about. We ordered a few appies to start. The calamari was nice and crisp. My only complaint was that they didn't carefully remove the cartilage and so I was spitting out cartilage bits. The fried cheese (saganaki) was quite tasty. I also tried a bite of the lamb souvlaki. It was nicely seasoned but on the chewy side. For lamb souvlaki, I still prefer the one at Broken Plate (the lamb alexander sword) as it is made with lamb loin.

      2. sharonanne RE: nein Dec 3, 2008 12:32 PM

        I like Pegasus but that's mostly because I love the pita.
        Mykonos is ok.

        Both are less urban cool than Broken Plate. I think that would make them more low-key?

        1. d
          danniek RE: nein Dec 3, 2008 09:31 PM

          There is a little Greek Place in Shawnessy beside the Zellers. The restaurant is called Greek Plaka. They have fantastic Mousaka and Kleftiko.

          Ouzo on 4th Street has good calamari

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          1. re: danniek
            bobthebuilder RE: danniek Dec 4, 2008 06:21 AM

            It's funny because I would NEVER have assumed there would be decent greek food in a strip mall in the deep South. But, I have been there and i absolutly loves Plaka.
            They have these lunch specials where you get a slouvaki (chicken, gyros or lamb) with a very delicious salad for about $10. Been there for supper once and found the food to be good also but a bit more expensive.

            I usually just go there for lunch.

            1. re: danniek
              ybnormal RE: danniek Dec 4, 2008 07:35 AM

              +1 for Ouzo. Unassuming place, but very comfortable.

              1. re: ybnormal
                ziggel RE: ybnormal Apr 5, 2009 02:53 PM

                I had the worst meal-sized salad at Ouzo's last week. The tomatos were mealy, the dressing was completely tasteless - perhaps even missing from the dish completely - and the lamb was so well done it was almost burnt. The rest of the table enjoyed their food but I don't think I will go back.

            2. howlin RE: nein Dec 4, 2008 11:24 AM

              anyone been to manies on 17th?the menu looks good.

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              1. re: howlin
                sarah galvin RE: howlin Dec 4, 2008 12:24 PM

                Manies has the best pizza. They are a Calgary institution, formerly on 4 St SW. Very reasonably priced. I have only had their lunch specials and it is pretty pedestrian but good and cheap.

              2. g
                greenboy RE: nein Apr 6, 2009 02:53 PM

                Just visited Mykonos on Centre Street for the first time. Really genuine warm welcome, cosy table and great food with great service. The standard greek-style potatoes, rice and veg with kebabs/gyros/fish etc. All in all a fairly typical North American Greek menu. I had a great lamb sish kebab cooked to a perfect medium. It's a pretty old school place, which is what I liked about it. No pretentions, just decently priced food that tasted great. The plate smashing behind me flinching a bit, but I can live with that. I've also had good food at Mannies, but Pegasus was a strange one. I keep meaning to try Spiros on 17th, which is next on the list.

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