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Dec 3, 2008 09:27 AM

Any great asian restaurants here in Eugene, Or?

So, I've heard that Sweet Basil is great for Thai. Any recommendations on Vietnamese?
Love that PHO soup! Sushi, Chinese, any dim sum here ? I also have heard that Toshi's is great for ramen! Oh and for Korean??? Where can i buy one of those hot bowls for dol sot ba bimpap? and where is a great korean restaurant?

a bunch

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  1. Aiyara Thai in Springfield is a great place. I would check them out, too, in addition to SB.

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      I posted a pic of the kaeng hung lay (Chiang Mai pork curry) on my blog:

    2. You are mostly out of luck on Asian here in Eugene. Thai is the one thing you can get good quality on a regular basis. Sweet Basil and Aiyara are both good. I can also vouch for Toshi's. If Chineese is what you are craving your best bet is to hit I-5 and head North, Portland is only 2 hours away. I joke sometimes and tell people that P.F.Changs is the best Chineese in town. Unfortunatly it is not really a joke. There are a few places with PHO but i have yet to hear something positive about any of them. Be sure to let us know if you find one you like.

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        I'm not positive they are still open, but I love the tiny little restaurant next to the Asian market in the same building as Ring of Fire....on Chambers. Their Pho was wonderful, great prices, friendly service.

      2. thank you for the suggestions! I will definitely try what you have all recommended :)

        1. Thai: Chao Pra Ya (6th and Adams), Ring of Fire (11th and Chambers).
          Chinese: good luck.
          Korean: new place on Pearl between 8th and Broadway has gotten decent reviews.
          Sushi: not typical sushi, but try Sushi Domo in the Delta Shopping Center

          1. I mostly agree with nothingman, but have tried Ga Ya, Korean, the new place at 860 Pearl and it was fairly good, I need to try it again. I've found the pho at Vietnam Restaurant at 2355 W. 11th. to be ok when you really need a pho fix.