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Dec 3, 2008 09:01 AM

East Village, Friday Night for 4

Love places like Supper, Momofuku, Prune - but looking for a place to make a res. or where the wait won't be huge. Mid-level price range, quality food of any type. Any ideas?

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  1. Check out Yerba Buena, Ippudo. YB is on opentable.

    1. What about five points, should be able to get a reservation. (Ippudo will have a long wait)

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      1. re: maxine

        That's true. I withdraw Ippudo and, with an eye on shorter waits, add Macondo, Buenos Aires, Banjara (crap atmo), Zabb City, and Boka.

      2. I really like Dieci and Nomad. Also had a decent brunch at Belcourt last weekend and looking forward to checking it out for dinner.