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Dec 3, 2008 08:55 AM

Anyone hit the new Del Frisco's yet?

Anybody have a review so far? They usually have some of the best Australian lobster tail around.

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  1. It is hard to believe that we need yet another steak house in Philadelphia!

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    1. re: rocknroll52

      lol! I was thinking that very thing. The steaks are better at my house anyway.

      1. re: rocknroll52

        Great feedback! Very helpful and much appreciated ha. Heard from a buddy who went last night and said its a great place. We're going tonight to check it out firsthand.

          1. re: zumir

            The restaurant space is amazing. Its gotta be the most impressive space in Philly. Its 3 stories in an historic building with bars on all 3 floors. The wine list was really extensive and we had some Penfold's Grange since we were out with some Aussies.

            The food wasn't exceptional but it was good (after 3 martinis and a lot of wine and port its tough to give a full review.) I'd say its on par with the other high end steakhouses. We had a ton of shrimp with various sauces and they were great. I ordered the ribeye and it was much smaller than most ribeyes but it was tasty enough. The staff did have some confusion with bringing the proper steak to the right person but we were there less than 1 week after they opened. We had a lobster tail for the table. I think Del's has the best lobster tail. It was always my favorite in the Dallas location. I'd guess that Del's will be a hit though. They have a great reputation from Dallas and NY, the food is good enough, and the scene is great. The guys I was with were impressed by the waitresses and the girls hanging out at the bar. Its probably going to be a good bar scene too.

            The craziest part of the night is when we were leaving, a bum snuck in and started chugging the leftover wine on our table before he was tossed out!