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Dec 3, 2008 08:50 AM

Thanksgiving Rpt: Whole Foods, Glick's Kosher Market, Upper Crust (pies)

Armed with 1/2 case of wine brought as checked luggage (Chalone Estate Chard, Klinker Brick Zin, Schlumberger House Red - all excellent and well under $20), I catered Thanksgiving dinner for 19 this year in my elderly mother in law's house in south PBC, without actually cooking a thing. We pre-shipped plasticware including those fake metal plastic utensils in order to minimize shopping on Wednesday. Turkey was superb-possibly the best I've ever had from Glick's Kosher Market in Delray - extrememly moist and flavorful. Accompanied by Glick's has several locations in the NY area as well - see their website. The sides all came from Whole Foods in Boca, who faxed me their menu 6 weeks previously. Highly recommend the mashed sweet potatoes, squash risotto, root vegetable medley (aquired taste for foodies only), chestnut-cornbread stuffing, and two salads on the regular menu: brasserie and heart of palm. 2 containers of Green bean cassarole was not our favorite and went uneaten. The pies we picked up early on Wednesday from an old time pie bakery - Upper Crust in Lake Worth on N. Dixie Highway. They won't accept phone preorders so we went early. Most of their pies were pre sold, but fortunately they had everything we wanted: Pumpkin (5/5 one of best ever), peach (fresh 5/5), pecan (4/5 - like NY Times cookbook recipe better, but it really was very good, dutch apple crumb(5/5), sour cream apple ( not my fav but very very good 4.5/5). we finished the evening with a "box" of Starbuck's coffee that was still hot after 4 hours. All the sides were microwaveable and the turkey came packaged in foil so it was easy in the oven and a very clean operation. We ate terrific leftovers for the rest of the weekend. Fabulous. Much better than any restaurant in my family's opinion.

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  1. Our office ordered everything from Whole Foods and baked/re-heated the items. We ordered the turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cornbread stuffing, squash risotto, and the green beans almandine. Everything was fantastic. We were 9 for lunch and we had no leftover turkey (we are big meat eaters) and the sides were not "abundant" at all but we ordered just the perfect amount because everyone left satisfied and not overly full. I was very impressed with the food and the ease of ordering/picking up, etc. You must beware though that the food must be re-heated and it will take some time. The turkey is cooked but it comes cold so it'll spend a good hour and a half in an oven, so if you don't have easy access to an oven, this is not the place you want to order from. When our office courier went to go pick up the food he said the lady at Whole Foods told him that a lot of people were upset when they realized that the food was not ready and warmed for them. For us it was not an issue but it can be for others. We'll be ordering from them again next year.

    1. Wow - I'm amazed at how much useful info you've just given me! We've been wondering exactly about upper crust bakery, and Glick's market. Thank you so much. One question - I don't understand how Upper Crust doesn't accept phone preorders but when you got there the pies were presold? Were you just past the date that they were accepting orders? We've been importing pecan pies from Delicious Orchards in NJ but thought there must be a good Southern pecan pie nearby that we need to try. Thank you.