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Dec 3, 2008 08:31 AM

Restaurants Open on New Years Day??

I have a friend coming back to SF to celebrate her B-Day. Everything from A-16 to Zuni is closed. Without going to a hotel does anyone know any restaurants opened that day. Would love to have gone to Spruce or Perbacco but am open to anything that is open. Anyone??

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  1. Check on Open Table. They list more than 70 options (at least for dinner).

    1. I am surprised that Zuni is closed. Had some wonderful New Year's Eve meals there back in the day.

      May I suggest Incanto in Noe Valley. Always wonderful. Four course meal, $95 per person fixed, excluding drinks.

      With a young kid, now we stay home with another family with young kids and munch on crab all night long, but Incanto is where we'd go if we could. Will be going on Christmas Eve for the Feast of Seven Fishes instead.

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        Chowchilla is looking for a place open New Year's Day, not New Year's Eve. Everyone's open to party the night of Dec.31st, not so much on the 1st itself.

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          oops!! would help if I could read. Sorry for spam, all!

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            Don't feel bad, I originally read this as saying that her friend was coming to visit FROM San Francisco TO Boston (I guess I thought I was on my local Boston board), wrote up a whole page of what's open in Boston on New Year's Day and posted it. A moment later realized my mistake so I had to go in and delete the whole post, and all I could do was recommend checking Open Table.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I don't know of anything along the lines of Spruce or Perbacco that is open New Year's Day, but I ate at Ton Kiang on New Year's Day several years ago.

          1. Not sure where you are getting your information about most restaurants being closed. If you look at opentable you will see that many top restaurants are open and have reservations from A-16, Ame, Aziza, Pesce, to Salt House. The best part is that normally hard to get into restaurants like A-16 and Salt House have prime time reservations.