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Dec 3, 2008 08:13 AM

WILMINGTON- Little Italy

Help. I will be in Wilmington next week and am looking for a nice, moderately priced, Italian restaurant. I would love to go to Little Italy but need a place where 5 cars can park. If no place exists in that area, I am willing to go to other parts of Wilmington. Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. My absolute favorite Little Italy restaurant is Luigi Vitrone's Pastabilities but it is a bit cramped and parking is purely on-street. Pomodoro is up there as well in quality and I believe has valet parking. Both have websites, Luigi's is on Lincoln st, Pomodoro is on union.

    Best bet with a lot is Toscana......however, it is a bit more pricey and just outside Little Italy.

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      I agree with delzcar on all counts--Pastabilities is good, but it may be quite a proposition to park five cars near each other in that area. Toscana is great and has a parking lot, but it's not "Little Italy Italian," if you get my drift. There is also the option of Scalessa's, which is not in Little Italy either--it's on Greenhill, I think around the corner of 6th. I haven't been there, but they do have a parking lot, and when I was at my (Italian) hairdresser's the other day, another customer referred to it as the best Italian in Wilmington. If you go there, please report back!

    2. I would try Toscana, it is authentic, reasonable and has plenty of parking.

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        Took your suggestion and went to Toscana on Thursday. Very, very good. Thank you.

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          Toscana has a really good ravioli-like half moon shaped pasta with butternut squash in the's almost like eating candy!

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            Yes, it looked delicious. But I had to go with the large ravioli of the day - lobster, ricotta, and mushroom-filled in a lobster reduction sauce - absolutely delicious!