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Dec 3, 2008 08:06 AM

Best Fruit Cake? (don't laugh, but I love Fruitcake!)

Who makes the best Fruit Cake? I will travel anywhere in L.A- open. etc.

I'm also open to Mail Order too.

I like lots of pecans, whiskey, brandy or rum, etc.
Mmmmmmm! Soooooooooooo Good! Oink :8)

Thanks in advance.

Happy Holidays! :~)

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  1. The best fruitcake I ever had (and enjoyed) was sold by the Seventh Day Adventist church. It came from Texas and was sold in rectangular bars, like butter. It was full of nuts and fruits with not much flour holding it together and was just wonderful.

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      I think we can safely assume that one is brandy-free! This one isn't:

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        Hi there mnosyne,
        Could you let me know -- if you know -- where I can buy some of that Seventh Day Adventist fruitcake? Believe it or not, my mother had some in a restaurant in San Deigo in 1942 and STILL remembers it! I would love to find some for her, or at least get a recipe. Thanks for whatever help you can give. Hope you're still active on Chowhound!

      2. Best fruitcake I ever had was from Hawaii. It was a light batter (i.e., not sweetened with molasses), and chock full of dried pineapple and macadamia nuts -- no other fruits or nuts involved -- and macerated with rum. I wish I know where to get one of them suckers today.

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          ozhead! Where! OMG! That sounds sooooooooo good!

          1. re: Pineapple099

            Pineapple Macadamia-nut lovers, your wish is my command..............


            ( not click on the above if you are opposed to drooling).

        2. My family loves fruitcake too! We regularly order from these two locations.