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Bedford/Mt. Kisco/Katonah area- looking for good pizza and good sushi

We moved to Bedford about a year ago, and have struggled to find a) good pizza and b) really fresh sushi. Anyone have recommendations for us?

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  1. Well, nothing really great. There is no good pizza pizza, but you can get a decent individual pizza at Tuscan Oven in Mt. Kisco, or at 121 in North Salem (very good). As far as sushi - Haiku in Cross River or Tengda in Katonah are very good.

    1. I moved to Mt. Kisco in August and have tried every pizza place but two - so far my favorite is Gerado's on Main Street (past the hospital more towards Q). I've yet to find a sushi place yet :-( There aren't many to choose from - a new Asian fusion restaurant, Blue, opened on Main Street - I might give their sushi a try soon!

      1. Gerardo's pizza is as good as you will find in this area. There is a sushi place in Katonah in a little strip mall on the edge of town whose name escapes me but was good. If you can find any decent chinese, please let me know.

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          The sushi place inthe strip mall is Haiku.

        2. I think the best pizza in Mt. Kisco is Basilico on Lexington Ave.
          For Sushi Try WASABI in Tarrytown.The sushi Chef (Yang) is not only a great chef but very entertaining.Kind of a an Asian Don Rickles

          1. Have you tried the pizza at Portofino in the A&P shopping center in Goldens Bridge? Easily recommendable, in my view. I have had good pizza at Peppino's in Katonah as well (eggplant is good there). Really fresh sushi can be a problem, although the freshest I've had was at Mt. Fuji, across Route 117 from the Target shopping center outside Mt. Kisco.

            1. Actually, everyone has a different idea of good pizza,so what kind do you like? I like thin crust and crispy with a good sauce. I personally don't like Portofino as its big and I don't like the sauce much, but people here love it. So, it would depend on what kind you like. BTW - if you love New Haven pizza, we are getting a Pepes in Yonkers.

              1. The pizza at 353 on 117? where John's Best Pizza used to be? The individual pizzas there are very good - thin crust and flavorful. the shortrib pizza is a bit too fru-fru, but the diavolo is very good.

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                  We had very good sushi at Okinawa in Mount Kisco last week,

                2. We've been happy with the pizza (and almost everything else) at Basilico's (especially the Margherita) though perhaps given the good reviews we should give Gerardo's another try - we didn't love it the few times we've tried it. Mt. Fuji always works for us for sushi - that said, I've heard Kira in Armonk is fabulously fresh and some of the best around.

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                    Actually, now that you mention it, I did hear the Kira is very good. Where is Basilico's?

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                      Kira would be my recommendation, if that isn't too far away.

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                        Basilico's is on Lexington, in a small strip near the Flying Pig. Here's their website - I've never tried ordering from it though.. http://www.basilicony.com/

                    2. I just had lunch at Blue this Saturday with 2 NYC friends who love sushi.

                      I usually avoid Fusion places like the plague ... but I was very pleasantly surprised.

                      Very fresh fish, friends reported excellent miso soup and I had very good spicy tom ka gai soup.

                      Cool atmosphere, though dark (no windows).

                      I shall return to try more dishes

                      1. Pinnocchio's just opened in Pound Ridge and delivers to Bedford. Real NY pizza. Nice guys and a well run business.

                        1. i agree with trish ..Gerardos is really outstanding ..the scarpello is insane ..i swear i ordered 3 slices and took two home ...guys are so nice

                          1. Spoon in Chappaqua , next to D'Agostinos has god sushi.
                            Pizza Station is also good, 2 locations-Chappaqua and Katonah. I like Gerardo's pizza and Basilico's food. Euro Pizza in Briarcliff(just closed the Millwood location) is good too

                            1. Pinnocchio's - now open in Pound Ridge. They will deliver to Bedford! Try to Grandma's Pizza. Rivals any other pizza in the area.

                              1. Marcella's in Kisco on Rte 117 next to the Kisco DIner. Owned by a husband and wife team who are very nice, and make great pies.

                                1. i think the name is north broadway pizza, not sure though, they are on the main street in armonk -not too far away pretty good pizza also the one in north w.p also on n. broadway (furthr for you) is pretty good also , i think they may have been connected to each other at one time

                                  1. Mario's Pizza at the Mt Kisco train station is usually great. Very tasty dough is the difference. Mario is a great guy and takes care of you. The seating is a bit tight and unfortunately, I still don't think they deliver.