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Dec 3, 2008 06:49 AM

Looking for Something a Little Exotic

I am looking for places in Boston, Charlestown, etc. where the food and atmosphere are out of the ordinary. Places that come to mind are Tangerino in Charlestown, Meze in Charlestown (is that still there?), Bar Lola in Boston.

Can anyone provide any additional ideas? I want to stay away from italian, Asian, French, and the usual Steak and Seafood places. Price is not an issue. I'm really interested in unique food presented in an unusual atmosphere.


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  1. Whenever we need a break from the usual we end up at Dali in Somerville. Can't beat an assortment of Tapas and a pitcher of sangria.

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      Along the same lines...Cuchi Cuchi on Main St. in Camb.

    2. The Helmand, in Kendall Square, Cambridge. Afghani food.

      1. BarLola's still open? Damn, that place has been in my Dead Pool forever. Meze is long gone.

        Vlora has unique atmosphere (think Southeastern European disco) and pretty fine Albanian and Greek food.

        Addis Red Sea (South End): good Ethiopian food and romantic atmosphere.

        Banq: stunning interior design, pretty good French/Indian-and-other-regions fusion cuisine.

        Baraka: amazing Algerian/Moroccan home-style cooking in what feels like the front of somebody's house.

        Punjabi Dhaba: excellent cheap Indian in a truck-stop-like setting, food served on compartmented steel trays.

        Speed's: best hot dog in the universe, served in the middle of an industrial warehouse-district parking lot.

        El Paisa: excellent Colombian food in what looks like an ornate old Italian-American restaurant.

        Romano's (Roslindale): pretty good Mexican food in what is otherwise a 50s-vintage Italian-American pizzeria.

        Oran Cafe: excellent Moroccan food served in what looks like a seedy neighborhood social club.

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        1. Taberna de Haro, the most authentic Spanish in the area (and not just tapas), plus an excellent wine list.