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Dec 3, 2008 06:05 AM

Need a recipe for chocolate cookies that will work in an ice cream sandwich.

I'm looking for something slightly chewy but with some crispiness. Not wafer thin but not too thick. I want it to use high quality bittersweet chocolate (70-72% cacao) and possibly cocoa powder. I am going to put vanilla ice cream in the middle. They should also freeze well and taste good cold. Thanks!

Has anyone tried the recipe for Deluxe double-chocolate cookies on the Scharffen Berger website? They are the same ones in the "Tartine" cookbook, published by the owners of Tartine bakery in San Francisco. I can't tell if they have the right texture and the recipe doesn't indicate the yield. Otherwise they look promising.

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  1. Not specifically what you are looking for, but these are supposed to be excellent for ice cream sandwiches:

    Also, if you made these but skipped the Andes on top, it might be right:

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      Ooohh, the first ones look great, despite not having bittersweet chocolate in them. They're too cute to pass up and the texture looks just right. Thanks!

    2. It's not a cookie per se, but I use half the following recipe, spread out in two batches in greased, paper-lined baking dishes/sheets, 1cm thick, as a brownie crust for ice cream sandwiches. Let them cool completely, then I spread softened ice cream (or home made fresh from the churner) over one of the brownie slabs, top with the other brownie, and freeze immediately. After a couple of hours, you can then cut them into bars or squares with a bread knife, and re-wrap individually as ice cream sandwiches.

      It's wonderfully chocolatey, slightly chewy but melt-in-the=mouth soft, and since I make it with home made ice cream, the whole thing is wheat free, which is great for my friends who are gluten intolerant.

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        Thanks gooseberry. that looks very interesting and I like the labor-saving method of filling the whole sheet and then cutting into squares.

      2. If you have time, you should look at Emily Luchetti's book, "A Passion for Ice Cream." It is a top-notch cookbook, and it is my constant kitchen companion during the summer ice-cream months. She has a recipe for chocolate cookies that will work for ice cream sandwiches. I have made them, they are delicious. I have to say, though, that the gingersnap-lemon-ice-cream sandwiches are some of the best I have ever had, and even chocoholics love them.