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Dec 3, 2008 05:35 AM

Help! Searching for Fresh Tortillas!

I am a transplant from Arizona and I am trying to make my mother's christmas chimichanga recipe this year. Unfortunately, she buys her tortillas from the women outside the grocery store, who make the softest, thinnest, most delectable tortillas that are impossible to find elsewhere. Does anyone know of a place where I can buy authentic, fresh tortillas?? (I am looking for flour tortillas for this recipe, but corn would be welcome too). I live in North Bethesda and work in Rockville, but will travel to get them if necessary.

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  1. Not that this would help you, but I watched the cooks at Taqueria Serrano in Annapolis pressing fresh flour tortillas for burritos. It looked like quite the workout.

      1. It's not close, but Tortilleria Sinaloa on Eastern in Baltimore is about the same drive from Columbia that Herndon is from Bethesda.

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          But I'm pretty sure that they only make corn torillas, right? Lily's in Columbia makes fresh corn tortillas as well, and I'm sure there must be a place in the Silver Spring/Wheaton area. But for a Chimichanga you need a large flour tortilla, and I don't think most places in the area make them.

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            Oh, whoops... you're absolutely correct. I wasn't reading carefully. Sorry, aletnes.

        2. The one in Baltimore is really good, but other than that, I haven't found one in the DC Metro region. Not even in Little Mexico (Bladensburg/Riverdale).