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Dec 3, 2008 05:30 AM

Ship-a-lobster rec's

I have a relative who wants to buy / ship lobster packages to his clients for X-mas gifts.
I know about Legal's and J Hook -- but can anyone on this board recommend other small local business who do a nice job with lobster gift packages? He prefers Maine Lobster... frankly, I'm a Veg, so I have no clue if there is a difference between a Maine lobster and a Mass Lobster...the critters all come from the same ocean!


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  1. Maine lobsters talk slower.

    1. Patriot Lobster in Salem did a fantastic job shipping to us.

      (978) 740-2900

      1. I always use Their listed prices already include shipping and they are good value compared to other companies I've used. I've even gone to Hooks and shipped them myself and I think the lobsternet is cheaper - especially if you're sending 5 or more.

        1. I have used Fishermans Fleet ( malden), and have had good luck. Here is the link

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            I've had good luck with LuckyCatch in Portland, ME. They catch their own lobsters and ship them along with clams or whatever you'd like.

          2. Here's another suggestion from a bona-fide Maine lobsterman:
            My father in law knows this guy personally and fishes the same waters. The lobsters are good and fresh (I know from personal experience how good these lobsters are). My parents received lobsters in Ohio through his delivery and they loved them.