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Dec 3, 2008 04:12 AM

MSP - Dinner nearish/after MOA?

Im being dragged, ok voluntarily accompanying someone, to the big mall this evening and figured i could at least capitalize on the opportunity to try some food outside of my normal routes and locales.

where should we go for a later (8 or 830) dinner somewhere proximal to the mall in bloomington (we are not looking for recommendations inside the mall)?

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  1. How far away is no longer "proximal"?

    You can go north on Cedar (77), east on Crosstown (62), and north on 34th to Al Vento (34th and 50th).

    You can take 5 east into St. Paul. Exit at Edgecumbe. Left at St. Paul Ave (it will turn into Cleveland Ave) and go to Punch Woodfire Pizza at Cleveland and Highland Pkwy.

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    1. re: Brad Ballinger

      Sorry, i should have been more clear but i hadnt had coffee yet when i posted originally.

      Home is in st paul, so things back in this direction would work well, but i guess i was looking for things within about 10 minutes of the mall in the south minneapolis/bloomington/richfield zone that i dont get to much.

      Ironic that you mention punch as i live spitting distance from the new one down at grand and avon. Al vento is probably a bit more than we were looking to spend on a wed night.

      Kebobs has seen some positive (and mixed) reviews on these boards. A good indian friend said she was a big fan of their biryani but gave everything else there a general meh. Id previously avoided it as it seemed so meat-y but with my newly relaxed flexitarianism (oh hell, i eat meat now) it seems a likely candidate. any tips for a first time visitor? alternate recommendations in that vicinity?

      1. re: tex.s.toast

        Please bear with me: this is my first reply ever.

        My parents live in the neighborhood of south Minneapolis where the planes fly really low. We like going to First Course, on 56th and Chicago. You might consider that, it should be within about 10 minutes of the mall. Go up Cedar to Fat Lorenzzo's and take a left, then take a left a the fork and take your first right. Go a few blocks and you'll be at Chicago.

        1. re: tex.s.toast

          Wow, I dunno about Bloomington/Richfield. But there's Jun Bo, if you want dim sum. I thnk they are still in business. The Riverview Eine War will be at the limit of your ten minute driving distance. Closer, is Cap's. So is Buster's (28th and 42nd), which is supposed to have great burgers and fries.

      2. I know that you said nothing within MOA, but if you change your mind, there are three dinner places that I would recommend:
        - Twin City Grill
        - Napa Valley Grille
        - Tucci Benucch

        Although they are all on the pricey side, it's because they actually serve tasty food. A cheaper solution could be the Nordstrom Cafe on the 3rd level of the store.

        Outside of MOA, there's not much in the immediate area except for chains. You'd have to head north to South Mpls for some of the recommendations above, or along West 7th possibly. If you want something with different appeal, you could try Chris & Rob's - the Chicago-style place that serves hotdogs, pizza, and sandwiches.

        Houlihans at 66th & Lyndale in Richfield could be decent as well, since your not looking to spend a ton of money.

        1. How about revisiting something worthwhile on the way home?

          Maybe Midori/towntalk/craftsman and take lake/marshall home?

          Or Riverview or Birchwood?

          I can't think of anything near the mall.... except Chains & the aforementioned Jun Bo.

          Post MOA you might want something very quiet and relaxing - perhaps the wine bar at heartland? Or maybe just a stiff drink (town talk)?

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          1. re: St Paul Susie

            Yeah, things between the mall and home have been running through my head. im always up for a couple pupusas and some curtido at La Hacienda on west 7th.

          2. I'll second the rec for Buster's. The bison burger is awesome, though the rest of the menu is pretty average. It reminds me of the Chatterbox in that the menu seems adventurous, but so often the food falls short. I've had a few really good things, and lots of meh. The pizzas I've tried fall under meh. I keep going back because it's close to home and the fantastic beer selection makes up for it.

            Another really good option is Singapore! at 34th Ave and 52nd St. They have a really unique menu. I'm not familiar with food in Singapore, but I'd describe the menu as a cross between Indian and Asian. The Captain's Curry, the calamari, and the chapati are my favorites. The owners are wonderful and the food is great so I wish more people knew about this place. Also, I wish they did delivery because I'd order every night.

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            1. re: drew13000

              I believe Singapore closed some time ago. Yep, just dialed the phone number -- "not in service."

            2. What about Mixteca? That is quite close to the mall. They serve some interesting takes on mexican food, I'm not sure if it is authentic or not, but it is certainly not Minnesota Mexican food.

              It is in a 70's strip mall and the decor follows suit, certainly not a date location but I've enjoyed most things I've tried there. I especially like the Tacos Al Pastor.

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              1. re: babaoriley7

                link didn't work the first time, attempt #2

                Mixteca La
                7822 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55420