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Dec 2, 2008 10:48 PM

Great grilled cheese?

When it's cold and raw, I want something as basic as a gooey grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of soup. Is there any place that does an especially good job with the basic grilled cheese (even better if I can get some bacon on it)?

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  1. Cafe Bouchon in TWC used to do grilled cheese, but not anymore - unless they aren't busy and you ask very nicely. Although not basic, it's amazing, as is the tomato soup.

    1. If it's a good ol' fashioned "American cheese" grilled cheese that you're looking for, best bets are: Burger Heaven or Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop. Think heavily buttered griddled white bread sandwiching a good amount of American cheese.

      1. I like Westville/Westville East's.