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Dec 2, 2008 10:04 PM

China Buffet, North Haven, CT

I went tonight- I liked it. It's near the stop and shop on Washington Ave. 11.99 plus tip.

Cons: The chicken wings were A little overcooked, beef roast seemed like london broil, peking duck wasn't all that meaty.

Pros: Leg of lamb, snow crab, peel and eat shrimp, oysters and clams on the half shell, nice fruit selection, bbq ribs, and a ton of other great dishes. Oh, and did I mention a bombshell Asian waitress?

I usually go to the one in Branford near Kohl's which I like a lot, but this one was a bit better for the extra dollar.

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  1. Ever since Hamden's East Buffet went out, I've been dying for a decent chinese buffet.

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    1. re: Bette

      Have you tried Pacific Buffet in Wallingford? I think you'd like that one.

    2. I guess this and the China Buffet, on Dixwell, in Hamden are related. A while back I had their lunch buffet, in Hamden, and thought it was just barely edible and nothing like (real), decent Chinese food. If you just want to fill up on the cheap, then it is passable.

      1. Buffet? For real? Bleah! This surprises me as many 'hounders avoid chains like the plague, I wouldn't think any kind of buffet would lure them in

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          What can I say? (head hanging down) I was a stranger in a strange land and I was very hungry. There, in strip mall paradise, I didn't know where to eat. It seemed like the lesser of evil choices (TGI Fridays, McDonalds, etc.).
          In all fairness, (and full disclosure), much time has gone by. It was probably four years ago. I did notice a few days ago that it is still there.

          1. re: Scargod

            ! ! ! My parents knew the owners of the one in Hamden, and claimed it was decent. Stranger in a strange land? I assumed from your posts you were from the area

            1. re: BiscuitBoy

              No way, Biscuit breath! I've been in the (general), area for over six years, living in Hamden or near New Haven. I have reasons to be in New Haven frequently. I'm a Texan (50+ years in the Dallas area). BTW, I love it here. Gotto go and plow snow...... :)
              To me the food WAS decent, but had little resemblance to authentic Chinese food (if you accept that I know what that is). I am very much an afficianado of Thai.

          2. re: BiscuitBoy

            I would hope true 'hounders wouldn't reject any food or restaurant just by type. Isn't that was a true chowhound is? Someone who'll go anywhere, any time, for some of the most tasty, interesting, unique food?

            Some of the best Indian I've ever had was in immigrant neighborhoods of NYC and here in RI there was (until recently, when it closed) a buffet place of authentic-ish Cambodian/Vietnamese/Thai cuisine that had items that were hard to find anyplace else (and thus was probably responsible for why it closed).

            True, most buffet fare is stomach churning stuff, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't check it out...

            PS: A friend of mine once told me that buffets, due to their narrow profit margins and dependence on volume, are the "canaries in the mine" for the economy. When they start to close, trouble is coming... Well, in the 12 months before the current economic collapse, we had no less than 3 buffets in the Providence metro close, so I knew trouble was ahead, as indeed it was. Didn't mean I could *do* anything about it, for myself or anyone else through :( ... A new buffet just opened here, though, so let's see how that does as an economic indicator...

            - Garris
            Greater City Providence Urbanism Blog (

            1. re: Garris

              I'm not saying I'm right or that I'm not going against the true Chowhound spirit, BUT... Most buffets churn out food without much care for quality and flavor. I am perfectly willing to let others do the stomach churning to find that one needle in the haystack. I also don't like the idea of the lukewarm, overcooked food being mooshed around and selectively sampled by many people before I get to it. I won't even get into the contamination possibilities.
              Same goes for hotel breakfast buffets, pre-made sandwiches and plastic-packaged sushi. Most food in airports and vending machines. 99% of the chain restaurants I'll throw in for good measure, too. I'm perfectly willing to let others do the dirty deed to keep them in business.

          3. The North Haven buffet has new owners and is not affiliated with the Hamden location. The food is just ok-I have not seen any peking duck so don't show up looking for it.
            The food here would be better if it were fresh...sadly they leave it out too long and it is not good.
            I went a few times and now have written it off.
            The Hamden buffet has much more business-the food is turned over very quickly-so it's always fresh-I have eaten lunches there for years and never got sick-high praise for fast food!! And much better than McDonalds and others of that ilk...imho.
            Pacific Buffet/Grill is opening in January at the East Buffet location-this will be a great asset to us buffet grazers!!