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Dec 2, 2008 09:54 PM

Butters at Metro, Organic Meadows at $9.19/lb? Is it better?

Does this item have CH value? I mean I'm all for quality ingredients, but will I notice a difference using butter that's almost twice as expensive?

I opted for the Gay Lea, on "sale" for $4.99. Any difference between it and Lactantia brand while we're here?

I remember once I bought the cheapest eggs and then the most expensive eggs, to see if I could tell a difference... Nothin. Couldn't tell. I'm sure real farm fresh eggs would be a whole other story though.

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  1. Gay Lea at $5 is no bargain, when Lactantia is $4.39 at Costco and Highland Farms' house brand unsalted is $4. and frequently on sale at $3.49.
    Here is a recent CH discussion of butters in Toronto

    1. Actually any dairy product in Canada is overpriced thanks to the food cartels that keep prices artificially high in this country. Read these:

      On principle I never buy butter in Canada. I usually stock up at Sam's Club in the U.S. when I'm south of the border on business.

      For that same $4.99 you could probably get imported butter from Ireland (sold at Wegmans)! :-)

      1. Dairy pricing is not consumer friendly. As my finances become more critical (and I don't think I'm alone here) my milk consumption has plummeted and I constantly search for the cheapest butter prices. I review all the online flyers each week looking for butter bargains. For everyday low butter price, I end up with the unsalted Highland Farms house brand. Much as I'd love the really tasty imported stuff, I can't justify 250g amount (in a little wooden basket) for $15.

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          If you are looking for cheap butter, be sure to check the Shoppers Drug Mart flyer. Butter was on sale for around $1.99 /lb in October. They have many grocery items as loss leaders to get you in the store.

          1. I buy Organic Meadows butter (salted) and I do find it to be better than the other ones available at Metro. It is much rounder and creamier. My favourite standard Toronto butter is the PC normandy style butter, though.

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              I second Cat123. The Loblaws Normandy style butter - unsalted - is the favourite in our house and is commented on by visitors who have not discovered it yet.

            2. If you want some awesome butter, head down to Kensington market, go to Global Cheese, and get some of their fresh churned butter, either salted or unsalted....soooo good.