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Dec 2, 2008 08:25 PM

Studio Cafe in Studio City?

Can anyone give me a good idea of what I'd be getting at Studio Cafe in Studio City? It's at:

4000 Colfax Ave
Studio City, CA 91604

Cross street is Ventura, where Killer Shrimp used to be.

I don't expect it to be excellent (since I hear it's from the same folks who run Jinky's), but is it decent?

I'm just looking for a possible new and casual breakfast/lunch/Happy Hour spot, which for me tends to usually be a compromise since my Valley friends aren't really foodies. So any input on the drinks, apps, service, etc. would be appreciated.


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  1. It is Jinky's in a party dress - same ownership, etc.
    So if you have been to another of the other locations, then you already have most of your answers.
    Standard stuff, no more, no less.

    1. I've been there twice for happy hour. The first time I was sat at the bar and was given the full appetizer menu to look at. It's 50% off appetizers from 5 pm to 7 pm. Drinks are 2 for $5, but you have to get the same drink twice and it's off of thier list.
      The second time I was there we received a much smaller menu. The chili is from chili my soul, so that was great. The food was good for the price. 2 of us ate and drank for $30.

      Also, service at the bar was waaaay better. The waiter was really slow when we sat at the table.

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        Ah thank you. My group never got it together, but this will be a good backup. I'll know what to expect with the service. But hey, Chili My Soul! That's a pleasant surprise. :D

      2. I can't say it my favorite. Working over at CBS, I was hoping a quick lunch spot but it wasn't that. They didn't have the chili when I was there. The burger was really really overcooked. The service was really really really really really really slow. In fact the server forgot our check, then our credit cards. Luckily, we had our pen. I know sound harsh, but it just wasn't very good.