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Dec 2, 2008 07:26 PM

Family Brunch or Lunch in St Albert

I am looking for a family friendly lunch or brunch restaurant for this Sunday in St. Albert. We are going to the Arden theatre matinee and would like a nice place to dine beforehand that isn't Smitty's or Albert's.

Can anyone help with some suggestions? West End Edmonton would probably work as well.

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  1. The nicer places that immediately came to mind aren't open that early on Sundays. Maybe call Haweli's and check their hours?

    Right next to St. Albert in Edmonton, there's mostly chains. Moxies would probably be your best bet on St. Albert Trail/Mark Messier whatever they're calling it now, over by the movie theatre. If you want dim sum there's Jumbo or Cha for Tea Palace in the west end.

    1. Beside Moxies, there is Lazia as well, it is nice for brunch (although still a chain). You can check their menu on their web site ( but it includes items such as brioche french toast and chicken and shrimp vol au vent - a little more variety than just bacon and eggs. Sadly, I posted a few weeks back asking about places in the West end for brunch and got very little response. I think it is because of the lack of non-chain options.

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        Thanks, maybe we will give that a try :-)

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          Lazia was wonderful...thanks for the tip. We enjoyed a delicious, well priced bruch. The food not only looked beautiful in its presentation but tasted great too. I would definately return to this location for brunch or lunch again.