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Dec 2, 2008 07:16 PM

Like Utopia, but not

I'm looking for a fun place in Toronto to have a drink and a bite to eat that will be tasty and also easy on the wallet in these recession-weary times. Any kind of cuisine is fine. Some place like Utopia, say, on College would do the trick. But not as tiny. Or Shanghai Cowgirl.
I have clearly been focusing my culinary energies on cooking at home because i can't think of a dang place. Any ideas??

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  1. Maybe try Insomnia (Bathurst and Bloor). It is similar in the sense that its a low-key setting with great food. The prices are reasonable too.

    1. Sneaky Dee's, the Green Room, Victory Cafe, Butler's Pantry. Not my style but seems to be what you're looking for.

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        The Green Room is nothing like Utopia. Please don't go there unless it's the end of the night and you're too inebriated to know better. If you must go, just go to drink but don't expect the food to be decent and the cutlery to be clean.

        I do agree with the Vic recommendation and Butler's (though I've only been there for brunch and lunch). If you're on Markham St., also check out The Central. Further north, I'd say The Rebel House for a less trendy, but nice pub atmosphere.

      2. If you're looking for tasty (as well as patrons over the age of 21) Sneaky Dee's and the Green Room might not be up your ally. Just my opinion. I'll admit I haven't been to the Green Room in years, but I was at Sneaky Dees just a few weeks ago, and though everything is cheap and cheerful and the staff were great, the food was horrendous all around.

        Ever tried the House and Parliament? It might suit your taste and budget. It's considerably better than average pub food with a friendly atmosphere, as well as daily specials (pork loin, duck confit, fish dishes, etc) that are pretty easy on the wallet for what you're getting ($15-$16). In fact the prices for all items are reasonable. Many items are under $10.

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          Basileater, did you mean 'The House on Parliament'? That place is fantastic! Like Basileater said, it is better then your average pub fare and isn't too expensive. Go early and try to get one of the specials as they don't last long and very worth the premium. It has a small patio in the summer which is the most ideal place to sit. On the other hand, inside has really low ceilings and the decor screams pub.