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Dec 2, 2008 05:45 PM

Favorite delivery food in Calgary?

I'm curious, does anyone have any favorite delivery places in Calgary? I'm probably hopeless, but Swiss Chalet is my current favorite. Their online ordering system is slick and while the fries aren't that great, the chicken and dipping sauce are nice. I also like Al's Pizza.

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  1. I only order pizza for delivery and the best are Matrioshka, Sophie's and Manies.

    1. I second Sophie's! Our fave pizza.

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        They look really good! Would they delivery to the upper NW though? Sometimes I hate being in the NW. >< All the good, unique stuff is elsewhere

      2. My top three are: Demetris for pizza (Kensington Rd. NW, herbal tomato and artichoke heart is the best), Uptown Sushi and now that Shantung is gone (wipes away tears) I've moved away from Chinese delivery and Spicy Hut has great Thai delivery. These are all clustered around downtown and I'm not sure how far out they'll delivery.

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          Another vote for Demetris! We ordered from them for the first time this week (partially because I remember seeing this thread) and where really impressed. We had an Exploded Garlic Vegetarian Feast (omfg the garlic!!!) and a Midnight Express (srsly how can you go wrong with a pizza called "the Midnight Express") and while they looked pretty similar when opening the box, the flavours were super distinct, really fresh and just generally awesome. Downsides: 1, the crust was tasty, but a little less flavourful than say Sophie's (though to some people that may be a good thing). 2, the top of the pie was about 30 seconds overdone, didn't really affect the taste but when we first opened the box we were a little :-( 3, Delivery from ~19th street on kensington to ~9th street on memorial took over an hour...though this was on one of the "blizzard" days, so it was still better than us venturing out into the snow.

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            I tried Uptown Sushi and it was great! They deliver to the NW too, although it costs 10 dollars. :) Thanks for the rec.