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Dec 2, 2008 05:09 PM

Best Cooking Lessons - Manhattan

This year I thought I would attempt to be a thoughtful, couple-oriented gift giver for the holiday season. As such, I was hoping I could get some great tips on some amazing (and somewhat reasonably priced) cooking lessons for me and my girlfriend. My intuition says this problem (especially in New York) is the opposite of most other search-related problems--not one of scarcity but rather abundance.
Thanks much in advance for any and all recommendations.

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    Institute of Culniary Education....The BEST...I love it there...The people are great...The courses are awesome..The chefs rock..

    1. I had a ball taking a course at the Natural Gourmet Institute. Very lively and fun with a knowledgeable instructor.

      1. I took a course with my daughter at ICE. It was a parent-child course, but the catalog looks amazing, and I think the adult courses would be awesome.

        1. yumyumchefs based out of Dumbo. They're a growing company with talented, classically trained chefs (all FCI grads) and yummy food. Classes change with the season and are a lot of fun. Prices are nice too. I took their Thanksgiving series classes with a couple of friends this past month and had a blast! is their website. I don't think they mention the classes on the website but you could call and see what they offer. ICE is expensive but I'm sure cool.

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            Does anyone know of any courses taught by celebrity or top resto chefs ? If so who and what are the costs?

          2. I have taken 2 classes at ICE.

            French Steakhouse - completely worth every penny (it was $110 I think) and it was 5 hours with tremendous ingredients and we all sat down to eat our achievements and drink wine at the end. Awesome.

            Holy Cannoli - because when are you EVER going to make fresh cannoli shells at any other time in your life? We had a great time!

            Both of these were taught by Chef Loren who is just delightful. I would take ANY of his classes.