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Dec 2, 2008 04:39 PM

Vegan Jack

A friend gave me several packages of pepper jack style rice cheese. It sorta has the consistency of processed american. Anyone have any ideas of what it could be used for? Wondering if anyone has had any experience trying to melt rice cheese too...

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  1. My mom eats that stuff, but I can't deal with the aftertaste (or the during taste, but I'm trying not to be rude!) She shreds it into quesadillas and burritos and eats griddled sandwiches with it and grilled vegetables, but it doesn't melt the same way as cheese. It gets softer, but holds its shape, if that makes any sense. I think there are soy based "cheeses" that melt better, more like real cheese does, but I'd have to ask her for brands. I'm thinking something like "Follow Your Heart?" I could have that all wrong, but let me know if it's of any interest, and I'll ask her for you.

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      This stuff is made by a company named Galaxy... If thats any help

    2. Fake cheese doesn't melt properly unless it contain casein, in which case it's not vegan.

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        The website claims it's casein-free and that it melts. Please let us know if that's indeed the case.

      2. My 2 year old son cannot eat dairy so I have tried every "cheese" under the sun for him. Honestly, there is nothing good that you can do with rice cheese. You can try mixing into something like a baked ziti, or pasta dish of some sort, but it really is a poor substitute.

        As Amyzan said, soy cheeses are a little better. In fact, I just made my son a grilled cheese sandwich with Tofutti cheese for the first time and he actually ate it. The last time I gave him a slice of rice cheese, he threw it on the floor. I also use the shredded soy cheese and mix that into baked ziti and it's acceptable.

        I have to say that I'd just toss the rice cheese in the trash.

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          Have you tried making any nut cheeze?

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              I haven't tried making anything with nuts. Between the shredded soy cheese that I mix in with pasta and sauce (I even make chicken parmigiana with it) and the tofutti slices, we do okay. My son is a very good eater otherwise, so it's not like the absence of cheese was a huge deal.

              There is also something called "mac & chreese" that I buy at a health food store. It's a bit funky tasting, but my son likes it so who cares?!? It's at least nice for him to eat this when my daughter has friends over and they are all eating macaroni and cheese.


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                Allergic to walnuts, so they scare me a little....

            2. I tried making a queso, it did melt, but it didnt have mush body. I guess it tasted okay, pretty bland foe pepper jack though.. It didnt thicken the sauce much..

              1. I cook vegan when my daughter's friends are over. I've tried just about every vegan "cheese" out there, and I won't touch them. There's plenty of good food you can make without this stuff.