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Dec 2, 2008 04:14 PM

Suggestions for Pre-Ballet Dinner

Hi all - I am stumped. I need to plan a girl's night out dinner for four women and one tween before the ballet. We'll be dressed up for the show so a nice dinner is in order but we want to avoid anything too heavy so a steakhouse is probably out. We have one in our group who doesn't do Sushi. Downtown is better so we're near the Long center. Given all of these things, I just can't decide where to go. Thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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  1. Gypsy on Barton Springs (Italian)
    Roaring Fork
    III Forks

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    1. Gypsy is an awful place.
      Bad food, just reheated Sysco food, and bad service - just a waste of monry

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        Hmm...that's not such a glowing recommendation. I've never been. Do you have other suggestions?

        1. re: everydayfoodie

          Two places just reviewed in the Chronicle are pretty close, and word has it (my experience with the former affirms) that both are pretty good: Malaga (on 2nd west of Lavaca) and Mulberry. Heard good things in the industry grapevine about III Forks, but I wonder if their food's not on the heavy side? Also, La Traviata, 3rd and Congress. And Shoreline Grill. Can think of at least a dozen other possibilities 4-5 blocks further away than these, so am keeping this list limited.

          IMHO, Malaga might be your best bet.

          1. re: everydayfoodie

            Before the Opera we usually go to Vinny's Italian Cafe (1003 Barton Springs Rd). It's a solid old fashioned Italian-American dinner. The decor is a bit sad, but the food is dependable, solid, and well done for what it is. It is waling distance to the Long center so we usually park there and walk for dinner.

            1. re: moosy

              Vinny's and Gypsy are very close to each other probably could walk from either one depending on your shoes!

              1. re: moosy

                I don't share your love for Vinny's. I've only been for lunch, and the last time was some months ago, so I don't remember it all that well, but it was really pretty bad. Don't remember specifics, but the sauce was insipid, salad worse, bread cold; just not delicious overall. I promised myself never to go back there. Service was pretty good, though, as I recall. Never been to Gypsy, but I can't imagine it could really be much worse....

          2. Zax pint's and plates gets a big Ballet/Symphony crowd. They have a range of food from burger's and pizzas to fine dining options. Their specials are almost always excellent, the steak salad is fantastic, and their mussels appetizer is very good.

            I haven't been to Mulberry, but I have heard very good things.

            1. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I haven't been to Mulberry yet and it sounds like great fun. This does remind me that I need to try Malaga in its new location. Once again, thank you!