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Where to order a smoked ham

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I am looking for a great smoked ham on line - any recommendations?

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  1. Oddly enough, I found myself breaking down and purchasing our Thanksgiving ham from the local Raley's Market. Not something I would have ordinarily done, Thanksgiving being a special time at our house, but I decided on ready access over gourmet meal planning this year. I chose a smoked butt (bone in) and was very pleased with the results. My guests were pleased with the flavor, tenderness and juiciness of the finished product so I ain't complaining. It was also LOTS less expensive than those I've "special ordered" in the past.

      1. For a city ham, I think Niman Ranch uis is excellent. For a country ham, I like Clifty (but with country hams, make sure to follow directions).

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          Clifty's not bad for factory hams, nor is Harper's. The one I want to try is Broadbent's, from Kentucky - they regularly clean up in competitions, and they're also highly competitive in price. I've bought sausage and bacon from them, both outstanding. Loveless Cafe Hams & Jams - www.lovelesscafe.com - and Early's Honey Stand are two other catalogs I get, each with its own proprietary array of cured pork products. Of the three, Broadbent's is cheapest, and so far the best.

        2. If by "smoked" you mean a country ham... try RM Felts Paciking Co. in Ivor Va. -- no website just call 757-859-6131. Classic, old time, Va hams (salty) and bacon to die for at wholesale prices (you won't believe how low!!).

          Follow the soaking and cooking directions on the bag carefully.