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Dec 2, 2008 03:18 PM

Where to order a smoked ham

I am looking for a great smoked ham on line - any recommendations?

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  1. Oddly enough, I found myself breaking down and purchasing our Thanksgiving ham from the local Raley's Market. Not something I would have ordinarily done, Thanksgiving being a special time at our house, but I decided on ready access over gourmet meal planning this year. I chose a smoked butt (bone in) and was very pleased with the results. My guests were pleased with the flavor, tenderness and juiciness of the finished product so I ain't complaining. It was also LOTS less expensive than those I've "special ordered" in the past.

      1. For a city ham, I think Niman Ranch uis is excellent. For a country ham, I like Clifty (but with country hams, make sure to follow directions).

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          Clifty's not bad for factory hams, nor is Harper's. The one I want to try is Broadbent's, from Kentucky - they regularly clean up in competitions, and they're also highly competitive in price. I've bought sausage and bacon from them, both outstanding. Loveless Cafe Hams & Jams - - and Early's Honey Stand are two other catalogs I get, each with its own proprietary array of cured pork products. Of the three, Broadbent's is cheapest, and so far the best.

        2. If by "smoked" you mean a country ham... try RM Felts Paciking Co. in Ivor Va. -- no website just call 757-859-6131. Classic, old time, Va hams (salty) and bacon to die for at wholesale prices (you won't believe how low!!).

          Follow the soaking and cooking directions on the bag carefully.

          1. Either Berks Hams or Shady Maple Farms Smoked Hams in Lancaster, PA