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Looking for Muffs to pick up and take out of town on a Monday. Central is of course closed and we will really need a fix on the highway. Where to go NOLAs ??

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  1. Nor-Joe's in old Metairie. Metairie Road west, across the RR tracks, make a right. It faces the RR.

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      IMO Nor-Joe's has THE worst muff ever. One bite and in the trash. I'd pick one up Sun. at Central and stick it in the mini frig. They hold up really well.

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        I agree. Nor-Joes are the best. I didn't get up to 270 pounds by eating bad food.

      2. I'd recommend World Deli on Clearview near West Esplanade. Can get it cold or warmed (blasphemy to some).

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          serio's is another. i wasnt really a fan of nor-joes olive salad. never tried world deli but have heard good things.

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            You're right about the olive salad but if you jazz it up a little it'll do fine. In college, we used to get the Central Grocery salad, crush a dozen cloves of garlic, add a little salt or soy sauce then let it sit in the icebox for a few weeks. Then we'd get teh muff from The Rat at Tulane and slather that on.

            Now you've got me thinking about stuffed artichokes.....

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              Hey, the Rat's officially open again, as a World of Wings (WoW) cafe. No muffs, but actual beer in bottles and greasy fried food.

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                Thanks for the info--it still SHOULD be The Rat. First the oyster bar and now no muffs...the world is going to Hell in hack.

                Used to date a girl who ate their french fries with blue cheese dressing....

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                  It's still called the Rat, by most everyone around. Too bad you can't buy beer to go with your surplus meal plan dollars...those were the days.

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                    Yes, that was back before people were padding their Law School applications by bragging about campaigning against the Big Beers at the TGIF's. Maybe the Rat will win out...after all, I NEVER stopped referring to The Roosevelt and now I've won that fight.

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                      "The Roosevelt!" There was a nice article in a recent "New Orleans Magazine," about it, with allusions that it might be returning.

                      That is something that we will have to follow closely. Then, if I could only take my wife to see "My Fair Lady" at the Saenger Theater, across Canal, I'd be a happy camper.

                      Wishing the best for the reclaiming of some of the old names and in their past glory.

                      I know that this deviated form muffelattas a bit, but I've already given what few recs. I could offer.


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                        The Roosevelt _is_ returning...spring on 2009 and under the proper name. The Blue Room is to be restored (but will it "rain" as it did of yore, in the "Hawian Blue Room?" The Sazerac Bar is, reportedly, to be kept pristine and (dei gratia!) no goddamn television in the place. I'm goddamn sick n' tired of goddamn basketball and football and other diversions blasting their noisome ways into what I always hoped would be a pleasant, convivial encounter with friends.

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                          Sounds like we need to get back. We "old-timers" need something familiar to cling to. As I recall, while on an early date there, my wife spilled her drink and then worried that I'd be mad at her. After 38 years, we're still married, and I was never mad at her. I'll give her another chance to make up for that night [Grin], at the old/new Blue Room.

                          Thanks for the update. I cannot wait!


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                Now, I never tried the soy sauce, but did sneak hot mustard on my Frank's Deli muffaletta. I actually had a bottle of Gulden's behind their counter. I just had to wait until Frank's MIL had her back turned. Amazing how we "modify" traditions, to our own tastes. In the case of Frank's MIL, there was no need for more garlic. I think that her use of that wonderful element was what kept me coming back to Frank's, over the CG. Same for her take of roast beef po-boys. It was the wonderful roast beef (and the liberal use of garlic), that made the sandwich.


          2. I know that the subscribers/contributors on this board are so very tired of me grabbing the "wayback machine," but just a few doors down (River) from CG, is Frank's Restaurant (nee Frank's Deli). I'd check out the muffalettas there. They have gone upscale over the decades, but there is a heritage. The current owner's grandmother used to do the ultimate muff, in my opinon. Maybe whisper that you want "one, like your grandmother used to make in the old days."

            Other than these two restaurants (and with Frank's I'm showing my age), I have yet to have a muffaletta, that did anything for my heart first, and my stomach next.

            Good luck and enjoy New Orleans,


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              Thank you all for for such wonderful stories. and thanks to my Knight Sir Hazelhurst for another rescue. My father in law still talks about the Roosevelt. And what about the Kolbe ?
              I believe we ate there 30 years ago on our honeymoon. This time tomorrow we will be in blessed NOLA.

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                I wonder if you mean Kolb's -- the old German restaurant with the amazing 19th-century belt-and-pulley ceiling fans? The wonderful sign still adorns the building, but the restaurant has been shuttered and empty since the mid '90s. (A pic of the sign from someone's Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/maitri/3... )

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                  My daddy still talks about the roving "german" accordionist at Kolb's--he was really a french-speaking cajun from Raceland.

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                    Kolb's gets nice mention in the WYES "Lost Restaurants of New Orleans." Brought back fond memories.

                    Last trip down, I did a series of shots of that sign, while it's still up.


              2. I've always been partial to the warm ones at the Nap. House.

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                  I agree, but most people do not like them. I like everything about the Napoleon House.

                2. My favorites are World Deli in Metairie and DiMartino's on the westbank.

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                      Well _ Thanks for all the help- we ended up in dash to get out of town- and the Bellhop at the Hotel said Mother's had Muffelattas and I kept saying " I've never noticed them on the menu " and he kept saying yes- so we go and of course NO Muffs. but we did get yummy roast beef po boy to go.
                      any way other wise on the trip = we had super dinners at Stella's and Bayona's!
                      ( although they gave our table to someone with a similar sounding name and we ended up in the ATTIC! a bit claustrophobic. But service and food = EXCELLENT!)
                      Galitoires was a bit disappointing this time - Sunday evening - the waiter never did look at us! took adequate but not exceptional care of us and spent a LOT of time with the hostess. Also had a nice breakfast at the Coffee Pot-

                      will keep all MUff recomendations for the NEXT trip>

                      1. re: memphischix

                        My usual stop before the airport is ComebackInn for a muffy. like the old days, big, smelly, full of garlic. (In Metairie) I am not a fan of central grocery (maybe they USED to be good but they are kind of "tourist" fare now if you ask me.

                        1. re: saurage

                          I've had dozens of shrimp po-boys from ComebackInn, but never their muffalettas. Gotta' mend my ways, since BIL lives just around the corner.


                  1. Hi All,

                    Read this post and can't quite filter out the best muffaletta from the posts (the posts seemed to be between those who have an inkling of what they are talking about so dumb it done for us Canucks). We are heading to NOLA tomorrow from icy western Canada and need to know which is the best place for people who love new food, but have no clue what the heck this thing is or where to get a good first impression. Anyone able to give a chowhounder the muffaletta 101 before way head waaaay south? Any other things NOLA food virgins need to know for a short (5 day) visit?

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                      The abstracted version is that each person likes muffalettas a certain way. If a restaurant does them like that, then that person(s) is happy.

                      Basically, the only way to know is to try several for yourself. If you have not gotten the details yet, the muffaletta is a very hearty sandwich and was basically designed as a way for laborers to hold their entire meal of cold cuts and cheeses in a sliced loaf of Italian bread with olive salad on it. The exact combination of these ingredients (and even the prep of some of the ingredients) varies, as does the recipe for the olive salad. Same with the exact cheeses provided. Then, throw in differences in the bread, and you've got even more variations. Also - some like it hot, and some do not.

                      Where's the best, you ask? Well, it depends on who you ask.

                      It would be like posting to the Philadelphia board, "where's the best Philly Cheesesteak?" You'll get all sorts of different answers. Only way to know would be to try them all for yourself.

                      I know that I have not helped you, and do not mean to be "smart" with my answer, but it is just such a personal thing, that it defies qualifying without weighing the personal tastes of the respondents.

                      Head on down to NOLA and do a Muffaletta Tour. It WILL be worth the effort.


                      1. re: Bill Hunt

                        Hi Bill,

                        Thanks for the response. We just got back today form NOLA and only managed one muff (from Frank's) as Central Grocery was closed the two times we made it there. We had it for lunch today on the flight home. It was good, not great. With so much great food and so little time we could not do the NOLA food scene any justice. I will give my NOLA virgin impressions of the good food we did eat after I regain sleep and have a longer period of sobriety! Did manage to hit Emeril's, K Pauls, Felix's and Cochon to name a few...oh and Mothers...thrice! I promise details later....after I go on a tirade about W Hotel on trip advisor.

                        1. re: foodiesnorth

                          Thank you for the report. My memories of Frank's go back very far. Have not dined there but once, since Frank left and the kids took over. I champion their endeavors, but do remember fondly the days of yore. I guess that Thomas Wolfe was correct, "you can never go home again."

                          Looking forward to your reviews. I've got a handful of Hawai`i, that I've been working on over the holidays.

                          Oops, sounds like the W was like our Westin stay on Maui. Too bad. We almost stayed at the W, but with MIL in a wheelchair opted for the Hilton Rivercenter, and, other than Drago's in the lobby, could not have been more impressed.

                          Along with my reviews will come a searing letter to Starwood, but that is another story, for another board.

                          Please go into details about Frank's muffaletta. I am curious.