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Dec 2, 2008 03:12 PM

What to bring to a Chanukah Party

I am attending my first Chanukah Party and was wondering what would be appropriate to bring as a host/hostess gift. I don't know if this will be a kosher event, since they aren't that strict. I don't want to bring flowers because I have allergies. If anyone could suggest something nice, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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  1. A bottle of wine (you could always buy kosher wine if you think they'd prefer it) usually goes over well.

    1. how much do you want to spend? do you want to bring something that relates to the holiday? and were you thinking more along the lines of something to be enjoyed at the party, or for the hostess to enjoy after?

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        i just had a thought...since oil is particularly symbolic for this holiday, how about a nice bottle of Israeli olive oil?

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          Great idea on the olive oil!! Maybe some nice macaroons...or rugelach from a reputable bakery. Shalom, Adam

      2. I'm invited to an annual Chanukah party and many years ago I brought homemade chocolate chip cookies. I'm no longer allowed to show up without them.

          1. I second a nice wine and a bottle of olive oil (I don't know that the bottle need to be Israeli).

            But if you're going baked goods, may I recommend the fried goods of doughnuts? These are, like latkes, part of the celebration of oil and all things fried.

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            1. re: Lizard

              Filled jelly doughnuts (aka sufganiyot) have become very popular in the States in recent years. If you live in a large city, some Dunkin' Donuts stores have kosher certifications. I usually bring the jelly Munchkins to kids' parties.

              Cheese-based foods are also traditional. If you live near a fabulous cheesecake bakery or can make your own, that's another option.

              And having the bottle of wine or olive oil be Israeli is a nice touch.

              1. re: rockycat

                All great suggestions, however I'd ask about the kosher before bringing any food. We're not that strict either but have family that are, so our parties sometimes have to be kosher when they otherwise wouldn't. Also people often have different standards at home than out. A bottle of wine is always a safe bet (if nothing else they can regift if they can't use it).

                1. re: ddelicious

                  I agree. You can't go wrong bringing certified Kosher food or Kosher wine to a Jewish holiday party. Or, bring a non-food item like flowers, dreidls, etc. I like the olive oil from Israel idea, personally.