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Dec 2, 2008 02:55 PM

Zeph's in Peekskill closed... need alternate bday dinner idea!

I'm sad... My birthday's next week and I was looking forward to going back to Zeph's. But... they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays! X2O has reservations, but it's a hike from Ossining and probably a little pricier than we'd like... any other ideas in the river towns, central/northern westchester area? A little special-er than normal, but not fancy. THANKS!

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  1. Sorry, but I really don't think there is any alternative other than X2O...I don't think their prices are more than Zeph's, and for a few more minutes drive, there is, imo, nothing comparable for a special meal anywhere in Westchester. Less expensive, more casual, but over the river, is Freelance Cafe and Wine Bar-- they do not take reservations, but you probably would not have a wait on Tuesday. Happy Birthday!

    1. Havent' been to Zeph's, but I can't think of a better "celebration" spot than X20, and I think it's closer than Zeph's. IMHO I think that's your best option.

      1. Ocean House in Croton, bring your own bubbly!

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          Thanks for the replies so far! I know X2O would be amazing based on our prior visits... and we might end very well end up there since as Marge and wincountrygirl said there really is no comparison... but I'm intrigued by the Ocean House rec. Can you tell me more, rkaene?

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            Fabulous fresh seafood- I love the oysters and mussels, Very tiny space- no reservations. you can go early, or put your name on a list for later. It is BYOB-My favorite in the area, a true gem.

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              I went there awhile ago and wasn't overly impressed-- at the time (don't know if it still is) each main came with a "2 out of 4 choice" kind of thing for side dishes, which doesn't scream "fine dining" to me. They also wouldn't let me mix the sides the way I wanted (1 from column A and 1 from column B thing) even though I wasn't asking for something expensive instead of something cheap; it just seemed a bit tacky. I just don't think it is at all as nice an experience as Zephs; it's more of a local decent place.

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                I agree- I was there a couple times, and was unimpressed. I also thought it was overpriced, and not by any means a special occasion destination.

        2. Thanks for the opinions on Ocean House. We might try that sometime out of curiosity, though not for a bday dinner. We were tossing around ideas last night, and as much as I would love to go to X2O, it's a Tuesday night, and I know I'm not going to feel like driving a half hour to get there... so we have decided to go to Umami. I know, not exactly special occasion, but we haven't been in ages, and I've always enjoyed it. Thank you for all the opinions!

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            I think that's a good choice; I was going to recommend Umani but didn't since it's a more casual place than zephs; but I think the food there is more imaginative than ocean house.

          2. Have you tried 12 Grapes In Peekskill? Right around from The Paramount, we had a great dinner there last night...breast of Duck w/ Dark Cherries & chestnut stuffing cake and Butter fish....warm plum cake with ginger ice cream..and the wines by the glas are delicious!!!